Sierra School of Sacramento Students Enjoy Global School Day of Play

Students at the Sierra School of Sacramento spent a day outside of the classroom on Global School Play Day, an initiative to encourage more unstructured play during the school day. Sierra hosts a special event annually on February 1 to mark the occasion. The children and teens had fun playing with large board games, art stations and enjoying their brand-new playground that includes slides, swings, climbers, activity panels - and brought in specially for this day - a bounce house. Outdoor play is essential to children’s development and can provide a much-needed reprieve for students during the school day. After [...]

Sierra School of Sacramento Students Enjoy Global School Day of Play2023-02-06T16:27:51-05:00

Students vs Staff Basketball Game

Students and staff love our monthly students vs staff games. This month the students played against the staff here on Sierra blacktop. The students learned fundamentals about the game of basketball and got to wear jerseys to look the part! Unfortunately, the students could not get the win this month! Learn more about our school today.

Students vs Staff Basketball Game2023-01-26T08:59:53-05:00

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Students at Sierra Schools of California celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) with a classroom decoration contest. The friendly competition took place at the school level, with winning classrooms competing region-wide for the top honor. Teachers used the contest to help students learn about and honor the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Students in each participating classroom decorated a large bulletin board or wall space paying homage to the Hispanic Heritage Month theme. Each decorated area had to include relevant and interesting [...]

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month2022-10-31T09:22:59-04:00

School-Wide Science Fair

We held our annual School-Wide Science Fair on Friday, March 18th. Each classroom did a different project; we had volcanos, elephant toothpaste, and even "safe" bottle rockets. The students and staff had a great time participating in all the different science projects! Learn more about our school today.

School-Wide Science Fair2022-10-19T09:54:26-04:00

John’s Incredible Pizza!

All students that earned 90% of their Considerate, Accountable, Safe & Engaged points earned an awesome fieldtrip to John's Incredible Pizza! Students ate at the buffet and were able to play fun arcade games! Learn more about our school today.

John’s Incredible Pizza!2022-03-28T16:45:04-04:00

Step 4 Field Trip!

On Friday, February 4th all students earning at-least 85% of their Considerate, Accountable, Safe and Engaged points during the week earned a field trip to John's incredible Pizza. The students & staff has a blast! Learn more about our school today.

Step 4 Field Trip!2022-02-14T17:01:27-05:00