School-Wide Science Fair

We held our annual School-Wide Science Fair on Friday, March 18th. Each classroom did a different project; we had volcanos, elephant toothpaste, and even "safe" bottle rockets. The students and staff had a great time participating in all the different science projects! Learn more about our school today.

School-Wide Science Fair2022-04-18T14:44:26-04:00

John’s Incredible Pizza!

All students that earned 90% of their Considerate, Accountable, Safe & Engaged points earned an awesome fieldtrip to John's Incredible Pizza! Students ate at the buffet and were able to play fun arcade games! Learn more about our school today.

John’s Incredible Pizza!2022-03-28T16:45:04-04:00

Step 4 Field Trip!

On Friday, February 4th all students earning at-least 85% of their Considerate, Accountable, Safe and Engaged points during the week earned a field trip to John's incredible Pizza. The students & staff has a blast! Learn more about our school today.

Step 4 Field Trip!2022-02-14T17:01:27-05:00

Carissa Is Very Motivated

Carissa has been a joy to have at Sierra School! She is helpful in her class as well as a great junior staff in the younger classrooms. Other students love when she comes to help out. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. Carissa loves school and is very motivated. Learn more about our school today.

Carissa Is Very Motivated2021-12-07T15:48:53-05:00

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

A storm the day before and a flooded corn maze couldn't stop Sierra Upper School of Sacramento students from having a blast at the pumpkin patch! Students took a hay ride, picked their own pumpkins and explored Bishop's Pumpkin Patch. They had a blast and now our classrooms are full of festive pumpkins! Learn more about our school today.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!2021-12-07T15:46:53-05:00

Reading Day

Room 13 is one of Sierra's transition classrooms where they focus on functional academics and independent living skills. They recently had a reading day where they all chose stories and read aloud in a group. Here, Ms. Pearson is reading to the students. The students then talk about the story and share what they learned. Yay for reading! Learn more about our school today.

Reading Day2021-12-28T12:16:49-05:00