On September 4, 2023 Anthony transitioned back to his school of residence. Anthony had been a student at Sierra for 5 years. Anthony started with Ms. Davis and Mr. Ford in his 9th grade year. At the beginning of the year Anthony required individualized behavior interventions and a modified instructional schedule. Anthony reports not being motivated until working with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ford. Through their support he was able to get on Sierra School’s Grizzly Status.

The skills he had to demonstrate to be a grizzly included a 3.0 GPA, earning 90% of his Considerate, Accountable, Safe & Engaged points across 4 weeks and being a leader on campus. Once Anthony become a grizzly & maintained those expectations for 10 weeks we were able to schedule a transition IEP so he could attending the remainder of his high school years at his public high school. I know Ms. Davis, Mr. Ford and all the Sierra staff are very proud of Anthony’s accomplishments!

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