Illinois Association of Private Special Education Centers (IAPSEC) Shout-out

Our staff at the High Road School of Bloomington have gone above and beyond during the pandemic and recently received recognition from the Illinois Association of Private Special Education Centers (IAPSEC)! The IAPSEC specifically gave a shout-out to one of our teachers who drove more than 200 miles one day to hand-deliver a student's first packet so they could get started. See their quote below. "Faculty and staff have done a great job at pivoting to remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.  High Road staff was already accustomed to delivering some computer instruction through technology applications such as I-Ready, Epic, IXL, [...]

Illinois Association of Private Special Education Centers (IAPSEC) Shout-out2022-01-18T00:27:34-05:00

What Would We Do Without Stacy?

Stacy has been a part of creating behavior intervention plans for students in the BEST Model; as well as assisting Academic teachers with creating plans for their students. She is energetic and engaging when interacting with the students and staff. She is an advocate for each student and makes a difference for students that need unique solutions. She is always willing to make changes based on their needs and what works for them. Stacy is an asset to the High Road team! She is always willing to help and offer support wherever she is needed. She currently maintains several staff [...]

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Ms. April Encouragement

April has done an amazing job with both staff and students. She has done a great job of encouraging and being patient with some of the more challenging students. She does holiday crafts with Legos for all of the students and staff. April was able to get the majority of the staff certified in CPR and First Aid. She was patient and clear with her directions during the training. Her efforts to train the staff helped one member be able to react quickly and confidently during a serious situation when their family member was choking. Ms. April is an essential [...]

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Dakota Is A Great Friend

Dakota has made consistent progress on his color levels, reflecting good adherence to school rules. Dakota is friendly to peers and is polite to adults in the school. He is trying very hard to work more independently on his core subjects. He has been looking forward to volunteer work at Goodwill. Dakota always checks on others with this phrase, "Are you satisfied with your care?" which gives us a chuckle. He asks others about things in their lives so that a conversation can be about mutual topics. He often uses good group rules such as raising his hand and waiting [...]

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Andrew’s Impressive Progress

We are all very proud of Andrew. Andrew has progressed in reading and has read an entire paragraph! He mastered single digit addition without a number line or manipulatives and is asking for harder problems! Andrew's teacher, Ms. Beirne, says he is learning to swim! He even practices his strokes during his "free swim" time (playtime). He is engaging with other students and using positive self-talk to keep himself calm during chaotic times. He is asking for breaks. Even when something is new and hard, he initially gets frustrated, but sticks with it! Andrew used to think that Ms. April's [...]

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School Store

At High Road School of Bloomington, the students are provided with available items to purchase from the School Store. They can buy items by using their account register which shows how much money they earn based on the level system. Students can also earn money by doing chores or offering extra help around the building. The students are able to go to the school store during lunchtime to purchase snack foods. On Friday, the store offers exclusive items such as toys and gift cards. The School Store encourages students to work hard and teaches how to spend, and how to [...]

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Caregiver Support Night

Caregiver fatigue is normal! All caregivers are at risk, but those who are caring for children with disabilities are at a far greater risk. Learn how you can understand, address your fatigue and show up with more for the child in your care. High Road staff will be on-site with activities for childcare during Caregiver Support Night! Learn more about our school today.

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Midwest Food Bank

BEST High School went to Midwest Food Bank for one of their community outings. Midwest Food Bank provides food for low-income families who need support. Students and staff prepared bags for pre-packaged meals. Students did a great job! Learn more about our school today.

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