Ms. Aubin always puts the students first and ensures that the environment at school and in the classrooms is safe and educational for the students to be successful. She helps give ideas to best benefit the kids and their progress. She is compassionate, caring, and presents a calm and positive demeanor to help students in difficult situations. Ms. Aubin does her best to support the students and their families. Ms. Aubin ensures that staff is supported and receiving the assistance they need, especially during crisis situations. She works directly with staff and teachers to create personalized plans that will aide each student to be successful. She responds to staff with compassion and understanding. Ms. Aubin brings a positive light to all situations and is always looking out for the well-being of staff. She has been a great asset to our school! Mrs. Aubin is an incredibly passionate and dedicated individual. The children look forward to her group time in the classroom and their individual minutes with her. The staff look to her for guidance and support. She is an important part of our team. She is ambitious and diligent in all she does. Thank you for all you do!!

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