Stacy has been a part of creating behavior intervention plans for students in the BEST Model; as well as assisting Academic teachers with creating plans for their students. She is energetic and engaging when interacting with the students and staff. She is an advocate for each student and makes a difference for students that need unique solutions. She is always willing to make changes based on their needs and what works for them.

Stacy is an asset to the High Road team! She is always willing to help and offer support wherever she is needed. She currently maintains several staff licenses and is meeting supervision minutes. She is very good at encouraging staff and making them feel supported while being positive and uplifting. Stacy has great ideas and is down to earth. She is able to realize when the idealistic version isn’t going to work and creates alternatives. She puts her whole self into her work and her passion is contagious.

High Road School of Bloomington is lucky to have Stacy on our team! She joined us at the end of summer in a new position for the school as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). She works directly with students and staff to create and maintain behavior plans for our students. She is extremely dedicated and always willing to lend a helping hand. Thank you for always being a positive presence in our building and for all your hard work Stacy!

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