High Road Mid-Atlantic Schools Give Back

Staff and students from High Road Schools in the Mid-Atlantic region recently came together to participate in a community winter clothing and food drive event, hosted by the “Responsive Schools Initiative.” The Initiative focuses on social justice, responding to community concerns, and the promise to always address the needs of both students and staff. In collaboration with The Heartlight Foundation, which aims to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, underserved, and disregarded, students from each participating school teamed up to stuff 30 bookbags with winter apparel and non-perishable snacks to benefit those experiencing homelessness and families in [...]

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Students at High Road School Baltimore County Showcase Talent

More than a dozen students at High Road School of Baltimore County entertained their classmates, staff and family members with song and dance at the school's recent talent show.    The event encouraged students to showcase something they were passionate about. Several students created dance routines, while others showed off moves from TikTok. Other performances included students singing pop, R&B, rap and country music songs. Additionally, one student shared their artwork.   “The talent show served as an opportunity to reinforce important life skills like teamwork, communication and decision-making” said Anthony Aiello, program director. “Seeing staff members and students sing along, clap [...]

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Devin’s Growth

Devin has used more appropriate, respectful language. He works hard to engage his peers and staff in conversations. He always has a smile on his face. He has been working hard on achieving his personal goal and has been helping staff in the kitchen with more responsibilities. Devin has increased his use of coping skills to stay in the classroom and learn. He has also increased his pro-social skills which has allowed him to show growth in the areas of social-emotional functioning. Learn more about our school today.

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Ja’kai Positive Friendships

Ja'Kai has decreased the number of verbal aggressions over the past month and he now comes in smiling, has maintained himself in the classroom, and has increased his social-emotional skills. He has also improved his communication skills with both staff and peers! He is making positive classroom friendships. Ja'kai has earned slime and a gift card from five below for earning green level and is currently working on earning an art kit. Learn more about our school today.

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Student Accepted as Volunteer Fire Fighter

As a "Life Skills Teacher" I craft goals & objectives with the intention of connecting our students to their local communities. This additional support, outside of the school setting, will improve the student's chances of success when they graduate our individualized program. During this process students worked on: building their social skills, expand and develop strong work habits, practice/build organizational skills, mock applications, and interviews; amongst many other skills. Scott B. (18y life skills student) was interested in volunteering at his local fire station. With guidance, Scott set this goal almost 2 years ago. After a lot of practice, and [...]

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Money & Budgets

Payday, rent, savings, then OH NO! A pipe bursts! These are all a part of the Life Skills Money Budget game led by our newest instructor Mr. Chase Dews. Similar to The Game of Life, students are given a monthly income and monthly bills to pay in each round all while remembering to add money to their personal savings account. There are lots of fun surprises and choices along the way like applying for new jobs with more money, part-time jobs, and even applying for a credit card (12% interest of course.) Whether or not the student is hired or [...]

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Amazon Trip

High Road of Baltimore County students toured the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Baltimore, MD. They were able to see first hand what happened, from start to finish, when an Amazon purchase was made. The tour was packed full of information. Students were enthralled by the robotics department: where robots moved about on their own ready to be loaded or un-loaded. Students learned how items were stocked, packaged, labeled, and shipped. Some students expressed interest in pursuing a career at Amazon in the future. Learn more about our school today.

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Community Based Instruction: Goodwill

Today, the Life Skills classes at High Road of Baltimore County had a C.B.I. lesson at the Goodwill in Perry Hall to shop for a work/interview appropriate outfit. The majority of our students are at the age where they are getting ready to apply for jobs and schedule interviews but are ill-equipped of the proper attire and what it takes to be prepared for a real-world situation. It was also a great way to show our students that there is accessible clothing out there that is both incredibly affordable and stylish as well. The Goodwill on Bel Air road was an [...]

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Art Projects

Through late December and early January, the high school fine arts class undertook the task of creating sculptures using stacked cardboard. The class began this process by observing sculptures made by other artists to identify what types of sculptures are possible using stacked cardboard. Following this, the students started to imagine the type of sculpture they wanted to create and made some rough sketches so that they would know what shapes to cut their cardboard. They then traced patterns on the cardboard and cut it out (a tough job for the art room’s scissors) and assembled the sculptures using [...]

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