Azael Gets the Spotlight He Deserves

Azael has been part of the Sierra School of Gilbert family for several years. He has made remarkable and sustained progress in his ability to use augmentative communication effectively, and self-regulate. With the diligence of his teachers, support staff, related service providers and behavior analyst, Azael has worked hard and will be returning to a District-level program next semester. Azael frequently initiates social interactions, independently navigates his classroom and is a bright spot in everyone’s day. We are so proud of him and are thrilled to shine the spotlight on all of his accomplishments. Learn more [...]

Azael Gets the Spotlight He Deserves2021-12-28T13:48:37-05:00

Anthony is Positive and Dedicated

Anthony has been a wonderful addition to our CBI classroom at Sierra School of Gilbert. He is a very kind and dedicated young man who always tries to help the staff and his classmates. Anthony comes to school every day with a positive attitude, and we can always tell when he is smiling, even behind his mask! Learn more about our school today.

Anthony is Positive and Dedicated2021-04-13T17:16:20-04:00

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

The Sierra School of Gilbert & Sierra Day Program know that diverse, inclusive communities are the strongest. We recognize the barriers that people with disabilities still face in connecting to their communities. March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month! Learn more about our school today.

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Jeremiah’s Excellent Progress

Jeremiah has made wonderful progress over the past year since starting at Sierra School of Gilbert. His school attendance has dramatically improved along with his overall engagement in classroom lessons and activities. Jeremiah has become a natural ambassador for his classroom in the most positive and appropriate ways. He has become a good problem-solver and is using his learned coping skills to work through social issues with peers effectively and positively. We are very proud of Jeremiah! Learn more about our school today.

Jeremiah’s Excellent Progress2021-02-24T20:45:49-05:00

Gilbert Gives Again

The staff at Sierra School of Gilbert "made the magic happen" again this year. Collectively, these amazing educators and service providers fulfilled all the wishes for 15 kids who will be spending the holidays in foster care. The positive impact we can have on the lives of other people drives our spirit of giving! Learn more about our school today.

Gilbert Gives Again2020-12-10T16:47:18-05:00

Vocational Skill Building

At Sierra Day Program, members are always growing their life and work skills. Our young adults work on everything from money math to gathering/sorting food boxes for student distribution. We love our Day Program! Learn more about our school today.

Vocational Skill Building2021-02-09T14:50:15-05:00

Riparian Preserve Trip

The active young adults in our DTA have been so busy! A recent trip to the Riparian Preserve was a crowd favorite. Everyone is enjoying the cooler temps this week. Learn more about our school today.

Riparian Preserve Trip2020-12-01T21:24:14-05:00

ESY Success!

Extended School Year (ESY) services are wrapping up this week.  Even though lessons and materials were presented remotely, we are so thankful to the students and families for participating and engaging with the staff over the last month. We appreciate you! Learn more about our school today.

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“What a Crazy Time” Message from Our Staff

What A Crazy Time by Ashley Myers Who would have expected that the day before spring break would have been our last day in our classrooms with our kiddos? Who would have imagined that we wouldn’t get to say goodbye? No graduation, no end of school party, everything that I had planned for the last quarter of the school year was out the doors. I am continuously thinking about my kiddos and hoping they are doing good. These thoughts consistently went through my head when I heard Arizona schools are closed until the end of the school year. I already [...]

“What a Crazy Time” Message from Our Staff2022-01-18T00:27:44-05:00