Lorna Her Many Horses is the Certified Special Education Teacher at Aurora Day School in the SHINE High School room. Ms. Her Many Horses teaches a combination of Life Skills and Academics to our students. She makes the school day fun and exciting. They created a holiday gift shop; with all custom-made items. With the proceeds the kids will purchase Christmas gifts for family members, and they are planning an off-campus activity for their class. Lorna is always willing to help whenever needed. She is willing to host tours, help other teachers with IEP’s and volunteers for a host of activities. She often stays late and comes in early to ensure her responsibilities are completed. She has a strong bond with the students and the parents. Lorna is an amazing teacher who makes the school day unique and special for the kids and staff! She is creative and always has the best interest of the kids in mind when planning projects. She is a valuable team member and we love having her as part of our school family!

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