Sierra School of San Diego’s Student of the Month Kaisei is Accountable!

Kaisei won Student of the month in Ms. Philips class for being Accountable. Kaisei does a great job being accountable in class by following directions and following his rotation schedule. We are so proud of Kaisei and how much progress he has made. He is doing such a great job this year! Learn more about our school today.

Sierra School of San Diego’s Student of the Month Kaisei is Accountable!2023-11-29T13:59:04-05:00

Lattice partners with local barbershop to support students

Lattice partnered with the Gentleman’s barbershop of Windsor to provide free haircuts for our students. Getting haircuts can be a challenge for our students due to sensory needs and having to stay seated for a longer period of time. The Gentleman’s barbershop met our students where they are and were able to provide haircuts in a way that worked for our students. Some of our students have not been able to get haircuts since the start of the pandemic! Learn more about our school today.

Lattice partners with local barbershop to support students2023-11-29T09:56:54-05:00

A Veteran in the Classroom

Between our 90 standalone day schools and 90-plus In-District Classroom partnerships across 17 states, SESI serves nearly 8,000 special education students every year—many of whom have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Jay’ron for Student of the Month!

Jay'ron has been at High Road School of Fairfield County since 2019 and has always had a goal of returning back to his district's public school. With a unanimous vote, Jay'ron has been nominated as most Accountable student of the month of October. This school year Jay'ron has shown anything can happen if you stay consistent and chase your goals. He has maintained "Gold" status this school year, which occurs when you maintain over 90% of your daily behavior points. Students with this privilege can go into the hallway independently and help staff with tasks. Staff reported that Jay'ron is [...]

Jay’ron for Student of the Month!2023-11-14T18:44:06-05:00

Ms. Garcia for Staff of the Month!

Ms. Garcia has been nominated as the most Accountable staff for the month of October. She onboarded with the High Road team in Fall 2022 as a Social Work Intern at Camino Alto and loved it so much that she applied to work for the Fairfield County program. She is a teacher assistant in the middle school and an amazing addition to the team. Whenever you are in her presence you cannot help but smile and she has a positive energy no matter what the circumstance. In the short time she has been here she has taken on extra responsibilities such [...]

Ms. Garcia for Staff of the Month!2023-11-14T18:40:05-05:00