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As we observe Veterans Day, High Road School at Southbridge Operations Manager Miguelina (Lina) Felix’s remarkable story serves as a testament to the power of diverse experiences in shaping a fulfilling career. From her service in the military to her pivotal role at the High Road School, she exemplifies unwavering dedication to helping those around her.

The Power of Diverse Experience

Felix decided to enlist in the military during her junior year of college after arriving at the realization she wanted more out of life. The fine arts major took a leave of absence from school and went on to spend eight years serving her country, including time with the Massachusetts National Guard and the Connecticut National Guard. During this time, she also completed her undergraduate degree, earning a BFA with a concentration in oil painting.

“I loved the writing and teaching aspect of the military, which led me to pursue a master’s degree in public relations from Quinnipiac University, said Felix. “While still working towards this degree, I joined the High Road Schools of Connecticut team.”

Throughout this time, she was also advancing her military career, attending sergeant school, and multitasking with lesson planning and drill responsibilities.

How The Army’s Invaluable Skills Helped with Teaching

Felix credits the military service with helping shape her approach to teaching and the positive impact she is making on her students’ lives. She said the Army taught her discipline, routine, leadership, and problem-solving skills that prove invaluable in her role at High Road’s new in-district classroom. Her knack for setting standards and procedures have been invaluable in ensuring the success of her students.

“Ultimately all my experiences have led me to this current moment. I am able to incorporate my life skills and experiences,” said Felix. “My leadership experience in the military has allowed me to become a confident leader here at High Road.”

Felix is currently completing her second masters in special education K-12 and will be graduating this December.

“The leaders at High Road have always been so supportive and encouraged me to go back to school for special education so I could continue growing in the company.”

As she continues making a positive impact on her students’ lives, Felix’s story serves as an inspiration to anyone seeking a meaningful career transition. And, she didn’t forget her roots —her artwork can be seen adorning the hallways at High Road School at Southbridge.

Miguelina (Lina) Felix - Operations Manager at High Road School, Southbridge's classroom | SESI Schools
Miguelina (Lina) Felix - Operations Manager at High Road School, Southbridge's turtle poster | SESI Schools