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Veterans are doing everyday things in Delaware. Often, they draw upon their military experience on the job.

For example:

Justin White joined the Air Force in 2011 at age 20. He spent extensive time overseas in Italy, Guam and the UK. Now, he’s a special education teacher at The High Road School in Wilmington. Many of its students come from challenging backgrounds, or have emotional disabilities.

“Basically our job is to constantly just while educating kind of reinforce behavior that we want to see and let them know you are important and you’re going to make it to the next step in life – you’ve just got to sit down and focus right this moment,” White said. 

At times, discussion in the classroom turns to his Air Force days. He is most often asked what kind of plane did he fly, or did he fly planes. He actually worked on them, as an F-16 mechanic.

Also: “was it hard? Did the drill sergeants yell at you? Stuff like that.”

What did White’s service in the Air Force teach him that he relies upon to this day? 

“I would say, definitely, leading by example.”