Sharing Our Joys During Autism Awareness Month

Some of our Sierra School of San Diego students with Autism shared things they love and love to do as part of Autism Awareness month. Caleb's favorite activity is surfing, look how proud he is! "Today Caleb presented to the class pictures and videos of himself at the Autism Society Surf Camp. Caleb has been attending surf camp for 10 years! He enjoys surfing and thinks it is very fun. This is a picture of Caleb surfing when he was 9 years old."

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Mount Prospect students shine at the Illinois Special Olympics Spring Games

Special Olympics Spring Games took place on Sunday April 16th at Prospect High School in Mount Prospect. High Road School had 6 athletes compete in a either the 50 Meter Dash, 100 M Dash, Softball Throw or Mini-Javelin Throw. Diego Torres, Bryan Lopez, Bryce Watts and Alex Arroyo all placed in 1st in their running event which qualifies them for State Summer Games which will take place in June down in Bloomington-Normal on the Campus of Illinois State University. Richard Arceo placed in 3rd in his event. Due to the weather the rest of the running events and throwing events [...]

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Jayden’s Story: Back on Track

Jayden walked through the doors of the High Road School of Baltimore County in 2015, in his mother Yolanda’s words, “out of control” with his behavior and nearly non-communicative. After years of hard work and support, the 19-year-old 11th grader has made tremendous progress and is now thriving in the classroom. Destructive Behavior Necessitated a Change The behavior Jayden consistently displayed prior to enrolling at HRS of Baltimore County was a major cause for concern. According to Yolanda, Jayden’s “behavior was out of control, he was non-verbal, and had a lot of behavioral challenges.” Jayden’s behavior warranted constant supervision, which [...]

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Sierra School of Weld County’s Class of 2023!

Tyler and Donte have earned their rite of passage, crossing a threshold from years of hard work and studious dedication into a new beginning of their next chapter of life. Sierra School of Weld County staff are honored and proud to be a part of a great accomplishment. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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