Jayden walked through the doors of the High Road School of Baltimore County in 2015, in his mother Yolanda’s words, “out of control” with his behavior and nearly non-communicative. After years of hard work and support, the 19-year-old 11th grader has made tremendous progress and is now thriving in the classroom.

Destructive Behavior Necessitated a Change

The behavior Jayden consistently displayed prior to enrolling at HRS of Baltimore County was a major cause for concern. According to Yolanda, Jayden’s “behavior was out of control, he was non-verbal, and had a lot of behavioral challenges.” Jayden’s behavior warranted constant supervision, which contributed to many sleepless nights for Yolanda. Eventually, after a couple of dangerous incidents, Yolanda began looking for solutions and came across HRS of Baltimore County.

Jayden was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and needed to be taught and supported accordingly. The High Road School of Baltimore County proved to be a perfect fit.

Jayden’s Success at HRS of Baltimore County

Upon his arrival at the school, Jayden was placed into one of SESI’s B.E.S.T. (Broad-Based Educational Services and Therapies) classrooms, which are designed to serve students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or mental disabilities, as well as students with minimally developed means of communication.

Change does not happen overnight, and Yolanda understood that there would be plenty of hard work involved from both Jayden and the school’s staff. But all that hard work has paid off, according to Yolanda. “He came a long way with positive results,” she said. “I like the new Jayden. He has matured a whole lot and has really grown up.”

Yolanda attributes Jayden’s newfound maturity and improved behavior to strength, communication, and the HRS of Baltimore County program and its staff. “The school and staff are wonderful,” she explained. “I like how they come together and how they help the students. I also love that they have afterschool programs and different activities like talent shows and bingo.”

His Teacher’s Perspective

During school, Jayden works closely with Miss Brittany, and she is impressed with the progress he has made. “He would get really frustrated in class before,” Miss Brittany said. “Now he’s using his words, writing down what he’s feeling, staying on task, and being considerate.”

Miss Brittany noted that Jayden’s favorite class is culinary—and that he makes some pretty good pancakes. But Miss Brittany noted that, beyond his skills in the kitchen, there is something special about Jayden that others have noticed as well. “He is like a celebrity of the school,” Miss Brittany said. “All of our students love him, and he was voted prom king!”

A Safe, Supportive Environment

Jayden’s teachers have obviously made a major impact on his progress, both academically and behaviorally. Yolanda also believes that the school itself is conducive to student improvement, with the staff creating a welcoming environment. “It’s diverse in age and cultures, I like the fact that it’s a small setting, and it’s safe,” commented Yolanda. “The staff is very concerned about the students. And when we have meetings, I love that everyone is there…a group of people.”

Congratulations to Jayden on all the progress he has made!

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