Apex Family Pizza Night

Apex family pizza night at Fargo's! Students and their families joined Apex staff for a pizza night out at Fargo's. Many laughs, good conversations and arcade game competitions were had. Learn more about our school today.

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Excel Academy Englewood students inspired by women’s empowerment brunch: ‘The sky is the limit’

When the young women at Excel Academy Englewood encounter challenges in the future following their passion, they're going to remember the women's empowerment brunch at their school. "I learned that the sky is the limit and you can do anything," junior Melody Terry said. "It was good hearing from somebody who started from the bottom and work their way up top and hearing them saying keep going," senior Traviyunna Williams said. In honor of Women's History Month, female students heard from women who have had their share of setbacks, but still accomplished their career goals. "You should always put yourself [...]

Excel Academy Englewood students inspired by women’s empowerment brunch: ‘The sky is the limit’2022-03-28T13:10:05-04:00

4 Essential Components of Behavior Support in the Classroom

Diane Myers, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Special Education - Behavior, March 22, 2022 -- Expectations that are clearly established, and reinforced regularly will contribute to a consistent, positive experience for students. The 2021-2022 school year began full of promise. Students, families, and educators were ready to get back to pre-pandemic learning routines. Almost no one was prepared for how the landscape had changed – many educators had left the profession, staffing needs were at an all-time high, and students were engaging in more frequent and more severe challenging behaviors. The disruption wreaked by Covid dramatically impacted our students, especially those who were [...]

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Meagan Has A Great Attitude!

Meagan is Dr. B's right hand person. She has taken on her new job duties (and some extra) with ease and a commitment to ensure that every thing is done effectively, efficiently, with a great attitude and always producing better than what was asked of her. We simply could not run the school without her! Learn more about our school today.

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International Day

In March, High Road School of Harford County invited families of students to our Annual International Day. Each classroom within the school adopted a different country, and throughout the month of March students became familiarized and educated themselves on their chosen country. The students engrossed themselves with the language, culture, geography, customs, and history of their chosen countries. When parents arrived, they went from classroom to classroom so they could experience how the students and staff used the information gathered to decorate their classrooms, cook must-try recipes from their chosen country, and watch presentations made by students about each country. [...]

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Read and Tell with Mrs. Mel

"Re ad and Tell with Mrs. Mel" is a unique book club program that was started by Mrs. Mel and Mrs. Ashley in the hopes that students would find a love for reading while attending High Road School of Harford County. The book club encourages all students to become immersed in the magical world of reading as staff read aloud book series' and students follow along. At the end of each book, the Book Club has a "viewing party" with snacks and drinks while they watch the movie associated with the book. This year, the Book [...]

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Boys Leadership Group

The High Road School of Harford County Boys to M.E.N.D. (motivate, explore, navigate and discipline)Program is a youth leadership initiative started by Mr. Nacier. The group teaches male students how to achieve personal growth through interactive meetings. Boys to M.E.N.D. creates a safe place for the students to share personal experiences, focuses on what turns a boy into a man, and develops their communication skills so they can thrive in the world. Learn more about our school today.

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High Road School of Cecil County Celebrates Black History Month

The students at High Road School of Cecil County and the Cecil Alternative Program worked throughout the month to create presentations that celebrated Black History Month. Students picked their own influential members to research based upon their interests such as music, space exploration, and sports. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

High Road School of Cecil County Celebrates Black History Month2022-03-07T17:20:33-05:00

Adrian Continues to Succeed

Adrian graduated from High Road School of Harford County last year and went on to attend Towson University School of Music on a Provost Scholarship. We are happy to report that Adrian is thriving at Towson U! He is majoring in music with a minor in Japanese and is enjoying his classes as well as the college experience. He recently stopped by the High Road School table that was set up in the student Union Center on campus, to say hi to Mr. Ben and Mr. Josh. Keep up the great work Adrian! For more information about Adrian's journey, [...]

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