When the young women at Excel Academy Englewood encounter challenges in the future following their passion, they’re going to remember the women’s empowerment brunch at their school.

“I learned that the sky is the limit and you can do anything,” junior Melody Terry said.

“It was good hearing from somebody who started from the bottom and work their way up top and hearing them saying keep going,” senior Traviyunna Williams said.

In honor of Women’s History Month, female students heard from women who have had their share of setbacks, but still accomplished their career goals.

“You should always put yourself first and never think bad about certain stuff, or that you are not going to make it,” senior Serenity Pope said, “because in the long run you will if you just keep thinking positive.”

Many of the program speakers are entrepreneurs, including Laricia Baker, who owns the restaurant Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat . She grew up in Englewood and knows the obstacles that can come with it.

“Being from this neighborhood, I know the importance of women empowerment,” Baker said, “coming back and let people know, it’s not just always a man’s world. It’s a woman’s world, too.”

Ta’Rhonda Jones, who is an actress, director and producer, told students that women supporting other women is important.

“We can’t expect the road to open up if we are not reaching back and showing our young women what it’s like to lead by example,” Jones said.

“It was actually a good thing to hear what they said and they said some good stuff,” Pope said.