Game On!

We have opened a game room & students are loving it! Students can earn access to the game room bi-weekly. They earn this by demonstrating Considerate, Accountable, Safe & Engaged Points! Learn more about our school today.

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Supporting Classroom Behavior Part 2 (Application)

Social behaviors, like academics, require intentional teaching and feedback for students to build fluency and achieve mastery. It is important to have a comprehensive, proactive system to support students’ behavior in the classroom. Without clear expectations, people feel confused, anxious, or unsure how to proceed, all of which can lead to challenging behaviors. When educators – whether in special education, alternative education, or general education – are clear and consistent with behavioral expectations, it increases the chances that students will meet them. SESI hosted a webinar on Supporting Classroom Behavior – Part 2 (Application). The second in a three-part series, [...]

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Gratitude and Behavior

As we get to the last few pages of the calendar and holiday ads fill our inboxes, we are reminded to give thanks for what we have. While the word “thanksgiving” conjures thoughts of a shortened school week, turkey, and family gatherings, the actual behaviors associated with “giving thanks” get less attention.  Many learners will develop the ability to demonstrate gratitude through imitation or informal instruction, but some learners (including those who have disabilities that impact social behavior) may need additional help to develop these skills.  As educators, we can use intentional and specific instruction to help our learners [...]

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Feeding Families for the Holidays with Local Businesses

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Cives Steel Company, more than 2 dozen families will have family meals this holiday season. Cives donated pantry staples, holiday meal items, and even turkeys to our families in need. We cannot thank them enough for keeping our families in mind this season! Learn more about our school today.

Feeding Families for the Holidays with Local Businesses2021-12-28T12:46:59-05:00

Isabella Is Our Student of the Month

Isabella has been working very hard over the past month. She has drastically decreased her negative behaviors and has been working hard on her lessons. We are very proud of her commitment and look forward to increased success over the upcoming school year. Learn more about our school today.

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SESI Alumnus and Student Mentor Discusses Personal Journey in Chalkbeat Essay

Raynard Gillespie, an alumnus and program mentor at Excel Academy of Englewood in Chicago, wrote a personal essay featured in Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization reporting on education across America. Raynard shares his journey of dropping out of school in ninth grade and then returning to high school at age 19 and graduating from Excel Academy. "At this new school, the teachers and staff didn’t give up on me and always pushed me to improve. If my classmates or I got a C, they helped us work toward a B, and then toward an A. Having someone in my corner [...]

SESI Alumnus and Student Mentor Discusses Personal Journey in Chalkbeat Essay2022-01-28T16:15:44-05:00

Azael Gets the Spotlight He Deserves

Azael has been part of the Sierra School of Gilbert family for several years. He has made remarkable and sustained progress in his ability to use augmentative communication effectively, and self-regulate. With the diligence of his teachers, support staff, related service providers and behavior analyst, Azael has worked hard and will be returning to a District-level program next semester. Azael frequently initiates social interactions, independently navigates his classroom and is a bright spot in everyone’s day. We are so proud of him and are thrilled to shine the spotlight on all of his accomplishments. Learn more [...]

Azael Gets the Spotlight He Deserves2021-12-28T13:48:37-05:00

Student of the Month – Edward

Edward is a student who tries very hard to use his coping skills when negative feelings arise. He joined us 3 weeks before the pandemic, so we did not have much in person time with him until this school year.He has made so much progress throughout his time with Sierra School of Livermore. Learn more about our school today.

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