Engaging Social Skills

Wow, what a month! Mrs. Akeley our school social worker has been learning and using two new curriculums for this school year! The first curriculum is Zones of Regulation and the second curriculum is WhyTry. Zones of Regulation, see attached picture for her new bulletin board, is a great way for our students to understand how they are feeling physically and to be able to identify the emotion that correlates. Mrs. Akeley is using the Zones of Regulation program for the middle school students. “Zones of Regulations give students the tools to understand how their emotions impact their behavior [...]

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Zach Is Striving!

High Road School of Wright City is excited to recognize BEST’s Zach as our March Student of the Month. Since joining High Road’s family, Zach has made tremendous improvements within the classroom. Zach has shown fluency in his understanding of tasks, completes tasks, and has improved his willingness to transition to different environments while working with different staff. Zach is striving! We are SO PROUD of you Zach! Learn more about our school today.

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Read Across America Day

Learn more about our school today. March has been a busy month for out TSP programs. We celebrated Read Across America Day and took to the outdoors to enjoy some Dr. Seuss stories. Staff at High Road School at Choptank Elmentary were showing their school pride and school spirit with their Read Across America Day swag! Students and staff at High Road School at Choptank Elementary have been infusing yoga breaks into their rotational model and it has left everyone feeling more energized to tackle academics. We are learning to adapt and [...]

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A Flower Bouquet For Ms. Ileana

Students at the High Road Program at Denton Elementary School showed their appreciation for Ms. Ileana during Social Worker Appreciation Month. The students made spring tissue paper flowers with their thumb print in the middle and arranged them into a bouquet. Each student also wrote about what they enjoyed working on with Ms. Ileana and let her know that we are so "lucky" to have her at our school. Ms. Ileana is so deserving of this recognition and we appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to our students! Learn more about [...]

A Flower Bouquet For Ms. Ileana2021-04-28T21:51:05-04:00

Sports Day!

Spring has sprung and with warmer weather making its way in, both staff and students couldn’t wait to get out and start moving! An NCHS football coach came down to the High Road classroom to talk to our students about what it takes to join the team next year. This information keeps our students motivated to keep their grades up throughout the end of the semester. Staff and students have been getting fit and active with some basketball drills and practicing their jump rope skills. Students are learning new skills both in [...]

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Discovering Owl Pellets

Students in Ms. Lefebvre's Class enjoyed a hands-on activity to wrap up their unit of Animals Adaptations. They explored and dissected owl pellets. Students were able to identify what types of bones an animals the owls ate to survive.

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Anthony’s Incredible Efforts

Anthony has been selected for our March Student Spotlight for his incredible efforts. He is working on credit recovery with the goal to earn his high school diploma. Since joining Sierra School of Peoria, Anthony has earned credits in Algebra, Digital Arts, Physical Education and English. He has been focused on coming to school every day, having exemplary interactions with staff and his peers, and having fun playing basketball with his peers. He has challenged Mr. Kirk to a game of volleyball - his all-time favorite sport! Anthony has shown the dedication to achieve his goal and every day [...]

Anthony’s Incredible Efforts2021-03-25T13:15:21-04:00

Read Naturally Helps Students Read Naturally

Read Naturally's research-based reading interventions have helped Matthew and his classmates become fluent readers and make solid gains in comprehension and vocabulary. Matthew loves being able to work independently and also track his progress by graphing his pass scores! Read Naturally Encore II has allowed Ms. Searles to differentiate instruction easily and accelerate students' reading achievement using both printed materials and audio CDs. Visit our website to learn more about our program today

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Hybrid Model Isn’t Slowing Us Down!

With more and more students in the North Caroline High School building it has been exciting to see all the different parts of the day. Mrs. Shontia and Mr. Mike working with in-person students and Ms. Z modifying assignments for our virtual students. Mr. Mike and Jefferey putting their strength to the test in PE class, who do you think lasted longer in this plank challenge? It’s always great to have a helping hand from our Directors. Mrs. Bec stopped by North Caroline High School to help with Math prep work, thanks [...]

Hybrid Model Isn’t Slowing Us Down!2021-04-28T21:41:36-04:00