Where Are They Now: Lazarus

Lazarus K. was a student of High Road for three years. Last school year, he was able to transition out and start attending his home high school. When Lazarus first came to High Road, he had difficulty staying on task, monitoring his behavior, and respecting others. It wasn't until his final year at High Road where Lazarus was able to put all the pieces together and do what it took to go to his home high school. The Transition Coordinator met with Lazarus and asked him what he took out of the High Road Experience: "I used to hate it [...]

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Ms. Simran Is The Foundation Of Our Program

Miss Simran is an imperative part of our team. She never fails to have a smile on her face and has worked exceptionally hard to get our students included on campus. They have been able to attend assemblies, receive awards, and attend general education classes. Everyone feels so supported by Miss Simran. Her weekly staff meetings allow her staff to feel supported and integral members of the Sierra team. She is without a doubt a leader in the classroom and is willing to step up in any given situation. We are so thankful to have Miss Sim on [...]

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Ms. Jones’ Zest For Learning

Ms. Jones is one of a kind. Her dedication and devotion to teaching her students are impeccable! She contributes her zest for learning and knowledge to not only her students but her colleagues. Offering new teachers with support and accountability in learning the High Road Academy Model. She has been an exemplary staff by providing input during staff meetings, teacher meetings, and all-around leader. She participates as a leader during intake interviews with potential new families which causes our program to grow! Ms. Jones' educational philosophy and desire to educate students is demonstrated in her daily activities that [...]

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Thank You Ms. Curtis

Ms. Curtis was chosen by Mr. Daniels to be the Staff Member of the Month! Ms. Curtis is well-deserving of the award and we are so thankful for all of her tireless hard work and dedication. Ms. Curtis' students have lead the entire school in lessons passed in "iReady" percentages. She has worked tirelessly to develop personalized lesson plans, detailed IEP reports, and creative ways to get student to learn. Learn more about High Road School today!

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Mr. Donovan Is An Asset To Our School

Mr. Donovan has made a positive impact on his students. He always comes to work with a great attitude and a genuine love for helping his students succeed. Mr. Donovan is dedicated to his student's academic growth. He is always ready to jump in and help anyone! Mr. Donovan is an asset to our school. His positive light shines on the students and staff, making coming to school a joy for all! Learn more about Sierra School today!

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Mr. Lasko’s Constant Encouragement

Mr. Lasko comes to work each day with enthusiasm, and students are excited to see him every day! Mr. Lasko is a dedicated, dependable member of the classroom team, and his consistency is appreciated by his colleagues and students alike. He has built strong, positive relationships with students through his patience and constant encouragement. Mr. Lasko leads our P.E. Elective and has made a positive impact each week, promoting and nurturing students’ athletic abilities, building confidence, and teaching students the importance of sportsmanship. Our students and staff are lucky to have him on our team. Students say, [...]

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Keep Up The Good Work Ajay

The student of the month is Ajay Joyner! Ajay is always on his best behavior and always displays leadership. He's always checking on his teachers and classmates throughout the day. When working in the classroom, Ajay completes any and all assignments. Ajay always asks his teachers if there is any way he could help around the classroom. Ajay is a student who always goes above and beyond for staff and peers. He is a person who deeply cares about others' feelings and puts a smile on your face whenever you are sad. Keep up the good work Ajay! [...]

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Nalani’s Progress and Achievements

Through her efforts, Nalani has elevated herself to one of the most mature young ladies in the building. She is a constant help in passing out lunch and breakfast, working with the school's admin to file papers and decorate the school, and cleans up after school events. Nalani was rewarded with Student of the Month by our director Mr. Daniels for her excellent behavior and ongoing attention to her classwork. Every day, Nalani works to improve her attitude toward her peers, as well as working even harder to gain trust from the staff. Nalani is so proud of [...]

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Teagan’s Extra Effort

Teagan has put in the extra effort working up to both yellow and green for the first time this year. He has made academics a priority, looking to improve his behavior and work completion. Teagan advocated for himself and made a plan to work his way up. Frequently struggling in the mornings and at the end of the day, Teagan had to space his breaks to help self-regulation. He has put in his best effort to work hard and has taken pride in his work. Teagan is halfway through geometry and earning all high school credits! We [...]

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De’Andre’s Hard Work

De’Andre has been selected for December’s Student of the Month for being a helpful, well-mannered, and a hardworking student. De’Andre has been working hard on being helpful in the classroom and around campus. De’Andre is able to help by setting up the classroom in the morning and cleaning in the afternoon to help keep our classroom and campus clean. De’Andre also helps Mr. Kevin on Fridays to tear down our classroom by moving chairs and desks. De’Andre is always looking for an opportunity to help any staff that needs a job done. He continues to work on his manners with [...]

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