Senior Papers

Here at KAP we take pride in all that our students do, but this month we want to give an extra big shout out to our seniors. They come to school everyday and work hard to be role models for the younger students in our program to take the right path towards graduation. This month, we have had three seniors complete their senior paper. This paper was an argumentative essay and our students showed up! They chose very controversial topics such as violence in video games, gun control, and police brutality. We are proud of our seniors and look forward to [...]

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Students of the Month

Springall would like to congratulate the following students for being the “Students of the Month” for RESPECT. We take pride in our Character Counts program and are proud of all of our students learning the values of these character traits each month. Congratulations to Gael, Juan, Nathan and Tyler! Learn more about our school today.

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Life Skills Class is Learning to Cook

Our high school like skills class has been working hard on mastering different skills. They have worked on many skills and done many activities this year, but their favorite so far has been cooking and baking! They have enjoyed helping with prep for our weekly staff breakfast, baking cookies, and making Thanksgiving treats! The students have learned basic kitchen safety, proper hand washing, and kitchen hygiene. The students will continue to work on these skills into the holidays with our December baking projects! Learn more about our school today.

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High School’s Holiday Outreach

High school 2 did Operation Christmas child as a project in November. We made four shoeboxes, 2 for girls and 2 for boys. We filled the shoeboxes and dropped them off at Scottsdale Bible Church. These shoeboxes went to the Philippines and were given to children so they will have a Merry Christmas. Written by: Holanie High School student Learn more about our school today.

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Where Are They Now: Lazarus

Lazarus K. was a student of High Road for three years. Last school year, he was able to transition out and start attending his home high school. When Lazarus first came to High Road, he had difficulty staying on task, monitoring his behavior, and respecting others. It wasn't until his final year at High Road where Lazarus was able to put all the pieces together and do what it took to go to his home high school. The Transition Coordinator met with Lazarus and asked him what he took out of the High Road Experience: "I used to hate it [...]

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iReady Superstar: Marques

Marques C. is our "iReady Superstar of the month! Marques joined the High Road family early last month and hit the ground running taking over the crown. Over the last month, Marques has led the school with Lesson Time on Task, as well as Lessons Passed and completed in the iReady system. We are so proud of Marques for coming in and doing a great job. He's setting the bar high to his peers that he's the superstar around these parts!! Learn more about our school today.

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Holiday Cheer

Southern Maryland is getting into the holiday spirit! Ms. Barnes has gathered up with Mrs. Clause and made our LaPlata school a mini winter wonderland. Students helped with Ms. Barnes direction to put up decorations around the building, set up and trim the Christmas tree, make and decorate stockings for each student, and finally, wrap presents to go underneath the tree. Due to the students efforts and Ms. Barnes vision, everyone in the building has gotten into the holiday spirit and made school a special place. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Honor Roll

Our students have been working extremely hard for Term 1 here at NDMS. Some students on their free time work on Agile Mind, which is a math program used here at the school. We had two students who made Honor Roll. Congratulations to Gabe and Xavier for striving to become great! The students are on the right path and anticipate on making honor roll for the terms to come. Learn more about our school today.

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