Lazarus K. was a student of High Road for three years. Last school year, he was able to transition out and start attending his home high school. When Lazarus first came to High Road, he had difficulty staying on task, monitoring his behavior, and respecting others. It wasn’t until his final year at High Road where Lazarus was able to put all the pieces together and do what it took to go to his home high school. The Transition Coordinator met with Lazarus and asked him what he took out of the High Road Experience:

“I used to hate it there. It was a bunch of rules and I really didn’t want to come to school. I wondered why couldn’t I go to the same school all my friends went to. Later on, I started to get that the staff had all those rules for a reason. When I got to this school, I saw that they were talking about. All those rules were there to help me in certain situations. If it wasn’t for them helping me the way they did, who knows where I would be. Im thankful for them every day.”

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