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High Road School of Nashville

The High Road School of Nashville services students who are referred from Metro Nashville Public Schools and the surrounding school districts of Nashville. Our school provides an individualized learning experience within a comprehensive program designed to help children with emotional disabilities and other learning disabilities achieve a higher quality of life. Our highly trained, dedicated staff guides students who learn differently to an unprecedented level of success in all facets of their lives. Enabling and empowering students to direct their own lives is key to our approach. Our program provides intensive academic services for students to build their foundational skills while accessing their grade level curriculum. The instructional and therapeutic teams work collaboratively for a wholistic approach to learning. Our goal is to remediate deficit areas while building students confidence and motivation during the learning process. We want our students to be prepared academically and socially to be productive, contributing members of society once they exit our program.

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  • 297 Plus Park Blvd.
    Nashville, TN 37217
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Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend High Road School and are generally in grades 1–12 (aged 6 to 21). They face disabilities in a variety of areas, including Emotional Disabilities (ED), Other Health Impairment (OHI), Intellectual Disabilities (ID), and more.

Our Staff

We are proud to employ certified special education teachers, staff trained in crisis intervention, and a school social worker.

The High Road School of Nashville has been serving the instructional and behavioral needs of at-risk students in Nashville since 2018. Our unique academic model and customized curriculums are distinctly designed to meet the individualized needs of our various student populations. Working as a vendor on behalf of local public schools/school districts by providing specialized education services to students with special needs, we concentrate our efforts on guiding our students through personalized academic, behavioral, and transitional goals to ensure their continued development and growth.
By focusing on key areas — academics, behavior modifications, support services, and transition / life planning services — we are able to meet the individual needs of all students through these varied approaches to instruction. Through collaboration with a student’s IEP team, we are able to choose the most appropriate learning model based on a given student’s present levels of performance, social capabilities, motor coordination, and ability to learn in a group setting.

Utilizing four specific instructional rotations, students are assessed academically, gain self-regulation skills, learn with district-aligned academic curriculums, and utilize integrated technology.

The High Road School of Nashville prepares students for life after graduation, either in a trade school, college or in the workforce. The Transition Coordinator teaches students how to apply skills acquired in the classroom to real-world settings.



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High Road School of Nashville
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High Road School of Nashville
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