High Road School of Nashville was featured on WKRN about the phased reopening schools in The Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) system.

On a virtual learning model since Thanksgiving break, the school reopened for in-person instruction on Thursday, February 4. Education Director Gentry Campbell shared her excitement about students’ return, saying “I love them being in school and I miss them being in school!” She added, “It has been challenging for our kids and they have deficits in math and reading and then to be in a virtual setting where they don’t get the one to one help from the teacher and from the assistant has been very difficult for them.”

The school will work to teach their students in the safest way possible, Ms. Campbell said. Safety precautions include face masks for students and staff, social distancing reminders, hand sanitizer, and frequent cleaning. Students will use their own laptops provided by MNPS.

“I do respect the fact that Metro put a lot of things in place to make sure that kids are safe.”

– Gentry Campbell, Education Director

Ms. Campbell also related that one lesson that many people learned throughout the pandemic was the value of teachers. “This has given people a true appreciation for the art of teaching,” she said.

The news story was originally produced and published by WKRN