Ileana is on top of her rotations!

Ileana is in our High School ACI class. She is seen here pictured with Jacqueline Ragan (Director). Ileana is receiving awards from our monthly C.A.S.E. acknowledgment. She is seen with an “Accountable Award.” She received this award for always being on top of her rotations.

Ileana is on top of her rotations!2022-12-27T16:09:59-05:00

A Potluck Thanksgiving

On November 27, East Valley staff held a potluck dinner for thanksgiving. Room 6 was set up in order for the kids to self-serve. ACI and BEST students displayed appropriate social behaviors and engaged in cheerful conversation.

A Potluck Thanksgiving2022-12-28T12:09:15-05:00