Nicholas Is Our Student of the Month

The students made me birthday cards, which was so sweet! Here is Nicholas sharing his with me, who is also our student of the month. He has worked so hard in earning his points, ignoring bad behaviors, and wanting to try his best when completing work. Learn more about our school today.

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Black History Month Presentations!

This month students worked on black history month and made posters to go with it. They all presented them to one another in the classroom, where they learned that some people they did research on are still alive today. This showed them that history isn't so old, and many things are still occurring today. Learn more about our school today.

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Student of the Month – Edward

Edward is a student who tries very hard to use his coping skills when negative feelings arise. He joined us 3 weeks before the pandemic, so we did not have much in person time with him until this school year.He has made so much progress throughout his time with Sierra School of Livermore. Learn more about our school today.

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Halloween Costumes and Fun!

It has been a fun day watching staff and students dress up for Halloween and be part of festivities like we all once enjoyed pre-COVID days. For the month of October, Sierra School of Livermore heavily focused on helping students manage their behaviors as it seemed like most students continued to struggle with being back in class. Luckily, the month of October gives staff a lot of opportunities to be creative. From mummy wrapping, cookie decorations, scary stories, jeopardy games, and pizza parties, students really started showing more engagement! [...]

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February Student of the Month – Patrick

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Before Patrick came to our program he was doing half days without any demands. He started our program mid January on full days and was immediately frustrated when he was on red. As a kid who thrives in a positively reinforced environment it was not long before Patrick got accustomed to our level system and worked hard to get on Blue. He prides himself on following directions and is having continuously smoother transitions from rotation to rotation. The amount of work Patrick has been [...]

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Congrats Ms. Dash

Ms. Dash recently joined us for the opening of our new classroom. With a background in behavior management ranging from small children to teens, she was the perfect fit for the new classroom. She has focused on building rapport with the new students to make them feel more at home in their new environment. Her ability to recognize antecedents and deescalate situations helps our students and classroom to run smoothly and efficiently. She emotionally supports each and every student and takes a personal stake in their success. We are all so excited to have Dash on our team! She comes [...]

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Ms. Simran Is The Foundation Of Our Program

Miss Simran is an imperative part of our team. She never fails to have a smile on her face and has worked exceptionally hard to get our students included on campus. They have been able to attend assemblies, receive awards, and attend general education classes. Everyone feels so supported by Miss Simran. Her weekly staff meetings allow her staff to feel supported and integral members of the Sierra team. She is without a doubt a leader in the classroom and is willing to step up in any given situation. We are so thankful to have Miss Sim on [...]

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Mrs. Rosy, An Irreplaceable Team Member

Mrs. Rosy, as the students call her, has been an imperative part of our team since the Livermore sites first opened. She services both our Elementary and High School campuses and is crucial to the success of students at both. At the Elementary campus her focus is primarily on deescalation tactics, socializing skills and world readiness. At the High School, students benefit from her social and group therapy, crisis intervention, and coping strategies. Not only does Mrs. Rosy help all of our students but she also is a team member in every sense of the word! She is [...]

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Staff & Student of the Month

Staff of the Month: Jacob Kinney It would not be a school year at Sierra without a few bumps and hiccups. I always tell my staff it is not about what we encounter but how we recover. That being said I am so incredibly thankful for Jacob! He has adapted so well and made such an effort to help our students. Not only has he earned their respect but he has become a friend and mentor. Jacob has stepped up in countless ways for our classroom and our students success would not have been accomplished without [...]

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