Mrs. Rosy, as the students call her, has been an imperative part of our team since the Livermore sites first opened. She services both our Elementary and High School campuses and is crucial to the success of students at both. At the Elementary campus her focus is primarily on deescalation tactics, socializing skills and world readiness. At the High School, students benefit from her social and group therapy, crisis intervention, and coping strategies.

Not only does Mrs. Rosy help all of our students but she also is a team member in every sense of the word! She is always there to help switch staff out and help limit antecedents to avoid behaviors in general. Mrs. Rosy loves running her social groups and helping those skills be integrated into the classroom and home environments. She provides emotional support to both students and staff and is always there when you need her, no matter the situation!

“She helps people by talking to them realistically and doesn’t just act like this is her job. She gives actual insight and relates to us using her life not just what she is supposed to say” – Aaron 9th grade student

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