ESY Success!

Extended School Year (ESY) services are wrapping up this week.  Even though lessons and materials were presented remotely, we are so thankful to the students and families for participating and engaging with the staff over the last month. We appreciate you! Learn more about our school today.

ESY Success!2022-01-18T00:27:32-05:00

Theater Month in the Town

Lights, camera, action! February is all about the THEATER in The TOWN. Today, our students enjoyed learning about elements of production as well as running and visiting the concession stand! Everyone is a STAR at Sierra! Learn more about our school today.

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Happy Anniversary!

Jodi Marshall is celebrating 15 years with us! She has worked with every age group and loves to find a path for students to express their creativity. We so appreciate all of our dedicated and energetic staff who show up each day to support our students in achieving their goals! Learn more about our school today.

Happy Anniversary!2022-01-18T00:34:58-05:00

The TOWN Travel Agency

Students have been busy with the Travel Agency this month in The TOWN. We've visited Tahiti, Scotland, and will soon be making an appearance in Kenya before our last stop in Transylvania. Golfing, castle design and making a Nessie with dough were big hits last week! Students enjoy this weekly opportunity to socialize with peers, practice topic-related conversational skills and gain exposure to new leisure activities. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

The TOWN Travel Agency2022-01-18T00:31:21-05:00

The Town Is Open!

The TOWN is our weekly version of the MicroSociety! Every Friday students have the opportunity to participate in leisure activities in one TOWN shop/business run by students in our Community-based Instruction Classroom. During the month of September, students have enjoyed visiting The Café. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

The Town Is Open!2022-01-18T00:31:25-05:00