Sierra Academy of Scottsdale honors Staff of the Year at our 2022 graduation and promotion ceremony

Ms. Jennifer Preciado is our Sierra Academy Staff of the Year award recipient for 2021/2022. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our students and our school.

Sierra Academy of Scottsdale honors Staff of the Year at our 2022 graduation and promotion ceremony2022-05-27T10:19:28-04:00

Jubi’s Java, In Memory of Najeeb

Sierra Academy dedicates Jubi's Java in memory of former student and standout coffee cart student worker, Najeeb. Family of former Sierra Academy student Najib, who passed away recently, were honored at the the formal dedication of the school's student run school coffee operations, of which Jubi was an outstanding student worker. The coffee cart program will now be known as Jubi's Java.

Jubi’s Java, In Memory of Najeeb2022-05-27T10:17:26-04:00

Sierra Academy 2022 Egg Drop Contest

The annual egg drop took place on Monday, April 18, 2022. The students and staff with great care created a variety of contraptions to assist their egg to float safely to the ground below. A total of 3 eggs were sacrificed during the process; however, the remain 6 eggs made it safely to the ground below. As a reward, for so many creative floating devices, all students and staff earned a pizza party!

Sierra Academy 2022 Egg Drop Contest2022-04-26T09:43:36-04:00

SESI Behavior Expert Featured in K-12 Dive; Discusses Remote Learning

A major shift in learning occurred in 2020, when educators had to rethink the Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) of students with special needs. K-12 Dive, a publication that gives insight into impactful news and trends shaping K-12 education, featured SESI's Diane Myers, SVP of Behavior in an article highlighting the struggles - and silver linings - of digital special education. "Early in the pandemic, many schools tried to move what they were doing in-person to a remote format and had this been just a short-term solution, it would have worked," said Myers. She added, "the pandemic dragged on and educators [...]

SESI Behavior Expert Featured in K-12 Dive; Discusses Remote Learning2021-06-30T09:57:59-04:00

Rolling Out the Red Carpet at Sierra Academy of Scottsdale

FOX 10's Arizona Morning show and NBC's 12 News covered a spectacular prom held at Sierra Academy of Scottsdale last week. Lenora King, the school's program director, said "We're in the midst of a pandemic, and we wanted to make sure our kids still have that prom experience. She added, "It gives us joy to do it every year, and to have the girls and the boys dress up and have that experience that they typically wouldn't get at a private day school." Complete with a red carpet, balloon arch, full banquet and plenty of dancing, more than 25 students went [...]

Rolling Out the Red Carpet at Sierra Academy of Scottsdale2021-06-30T09:57:56-04:00

Raha’s Perseverance and Positivity

Raha has shown tremendous growth and self-management since she started at Sierra Academy of Scottsdale just seven months ago. In the short time she has been at our school, she has learned to utilize coping strategies that enable her to remain in class and learn with her peers, even when she becomes frustrated. Raha is able to focus on more difficult tasks now and she demonstrates the desire to improve in everything she takes on. Her overall engagement in the classroom has drastically improved as we watch her grow into a student leader. Raha is always a happy, considerate, [...]

Raha’s Perseverance and Positivity2021-04-26T15:17:31-04:00

Finding the Right Place: Branden’s Story

For a parent, it can feel helpless to see your child try hard to fit in, make friends, and succeed in school – only to struggle in class and be bullied by others. Knowing how fragile a child’s confidence is, Doris knew her son Branden needed a change of scenery. What made a difference was Branden's enrollment in Sierra Academy of Scottsdale. Struggles in a Traditional School School can be a challenge, even if you’re a friendly, funny, and outgoing kid like Branden. As any parent of a child with autism can attest, other kids aren’t always as accepting of [...]

Finding the Right Place: Branden’s Story2021-07-09T16:33:06-04:00

A Tribute to Ms. Debbie

Debbie Spotleson, Executive Administrative Assistant at Sierra Academy for over 10 years, says goodbye to her family at Sierra to take on a new position supporting the organization in a role in the Human Resources Department. We are very excited for the opportunity she has worked so hard for and we will never have another Ms. Debbie. Debbie has been a cornerstone at Sierra Academy for 11 years. She is a wealth of knowledge and she is always willing to help. She is the smiling face that greets students, staff, and visitors daily. [...]

A Tribute to Ms. Debbie2021-03-08T17:19:07-05:00