Santiago’s Example

Santiago is a kind, respectful, and hardworking student, who's always positive in every way. He is always eager to learn and has excellent participation in class. He is very responsible and consistently puts forth his best effort to succeed academically. Santiago strives to do the right thing and sets a great example for others to follow. We are so proud of this hardworking young man and he is very deserving of this month's Student Spotlight for our school. Great job Santiago! Learn more about our school today.

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Miquell Connects with Students

Miquell joined Sierra Academy as a 1:1 in 2018. Miquell has a very calm demeanor and was able to connect with all students. He demonstrated the ability to be able to de-escalate students who were in crisis. He works well with his peers and has definite emerging leadership skills. He routinely takes on projects and takes the initiative to assist staff members with anything that they need. His “can do” attitude is infectious! Learn more about our school today.

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Cole’s Growth and Maturity

Cole has been at Sierra Academy for two years. He has shown tremendous growth and maturity during his time with us. Cole has learned a variety of coping strategies that he applies to navigate the challenges of being a teenager and student during the global pandemic. Cole volunteers on campus, assisting his peers and he continues to be actively engaged in all academics, regardless of the obstacles. Great job, Cole - we are so proud of you! Learn more about our school today.

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Jenny is Flexible and Motivating

Jenny has stepped up during a time of transitioning to online learning. She was always open to be flexible and run groups alongside her classroom teacher, on zoom. She was consistent with her meetings and always motivated the students to engage and participate. Jenny took on the task of creating art kits for her class to be able to do hands on art activities, while doing distance learning. She was creative and took initiative to think outside the box. During the 4th quarter, she was able to provide consistency, routine and structure, even while everyone was trying to navigate [...]

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March Student of the Month – Issac

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Issac has grown both academically and socially. He has put in great effort to actively participate in distance learning. He has learned how to independently join his scheduled online direct instruction and helps his younger brother to connect to his. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month Issac is student of the month because he is working extremely hard, even when he had to switch to virtual learning. He completes his work, participates in [...]

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“What a Crazy Time” Message from Our Staff

What A Crazy Time by Ashley Myers Who would have expected that the day before spring break would have been our last day in our classrooms with our kiddos? Who would have imagined that we wouldn’t get to say goodbye? No graduation, no end of school party, everything that I had planned for the last quarter of the school year was out the doors. I am continuously thinking about my kiddos and hoping they are doing good. These thoughts consistently went through my head when I heard Arizona schools are closed until the end of the school year. I already [...]

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Taking Art Virtually

We may not be together in class, but that does not mean the fun and creativity must stop! Ms. Erin’s Middle School classroom has created weeks of Artwork projects that were delivered to the student’s homes. These packets included instructions on how to create the craft/artwork and all the items needed to complete the tasks. Students were encouraged to show their creativity during this hard time by taking pictures of their completed artwork. The themes of the artwork were related to holidays coming up such as Earth Day and Mother’s Day. This art projects allowed the students to be creative while [...]

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Living the the 16th Century

This quarter Mr. Marks class learned all about the 16th century in a different way than reading about it in a book-- we experienced it in person at Arizona Renaissance Festival! The language, artisan skills and customs were brought to life in the 30-acre festival that the students had all day to explore. Students got to experience village marketplaces, food, music, theatrical shows, and jousting tournaments representing the renaissance time period! We went watched shows, went on rides, and even learned archery! Everyone’s favorite part of the day was cheering on their knight for the jousting tournament! [...]

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Tina Shows Passion and Innovation

Although Tina has only been with Sierra for a short time, she has seamlessly stepped into her role as a teacher. She is always smiling and shows joy in her teaching. Over the last month, she has transitioned her class to the new norm of virtual school. She is creative, engaging and always finding ways to give her students the same passion, care and opportunities to learn, that she did when the school was physically open. Tina has taken the challenges of distance learning and embraced the opportunity to connect with her students, in a different way. She has [...]

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Sierra’s Annual Science Fair

This year’s Science Fair brought many interesting ideas and concepts to the table. There were projects presenting a hypothesis and great results whether positive or negative. In addition, several students shared their knowledge of many other areas of science through reports. From this judge’s viewpoint everyone was a winner and it was obvious how much time and thought were put into the projects. Learn more about our school today.

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