Zach Is Striving!

High Road School of Wright City is excited to recognize BEST’s Zach as our March Student of the Month. Since joining High Road’s family, Zach has made tremendous improvements within the classroom. Zach has shown fluency in his understanding of tasks, completes tasks, and has improved his willingness to transition to different environments while working with different staff. Zach is striving! We are SO PROUD of you Zach! Learn more about our school today.

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Brian Shows Leadership

High Road School of Wright City is proud to recognize Brian as our January Student of the Month. Throughout January, Brian consistently attended Zoom instruction and has no missing assignments. Brian has shown initiative in his work and the level system. Brian is currently on level Green and is earning As and Bs for his grades! Brian has shown significant improvement in using appropriate language and having on task behavior. Brian takes accountability for his actions and words when processing with staff. Brian is loyal to those he trusts. Lately, Brian has been showing leadership in the classroom by [...]

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Andrew is a Strong Self-Advocate

High Road School of Wright City is proud to recognize Andrew as our December Student of the Month. Andrew is currently transitioning back to his home school district. Throughout his transition, Andrew has shown that he is able to maintain his composure and academics when faced with new challenges. Andrew is a strong self-advocate. Andrew not only appropriately communicates his concerns - he also works with staff to address what can be changed. If no change occurs, Andrew perseveres and remains optimistic. We are proud of you Andrew! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Student of the Month: Brendon

Brendon, 6th grade Brendon has shown excellent behavior this month. Brendon is barely prompted because he is able to self-regulate his thoughts. Brendon is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to help when asked. What has Brendon done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Brendon is a member of the Academic 3 Classroom who consistently strives to be a good role model to his peers. He began his attendance at High Road School of Wright City over the 2019 ESY period and has been a [...]

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