Brendon, 6th grade

Brendon has shown excellent behavior this month. Brendon is barely prompted because he is able to self-regulate his thoughts. Brendon is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to help when asked.

Jessica Patton, Teacher of Academic 3 Classroom

What has Brendon done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?

Brendon is a member of the Academic 3 Classroom who consistently strives to be a good role model to his peers. He began his attendance at High Road School of Wright City over the 2019 ESY period and has been a student who has been able to succeed very well the whole time. Brendon is able to regulate himself well enough that he does not often require redirection. He also completes all his assignments when asked and is seen as a very trustworthy and respectful addition to his school.

What is something Brendon has accomplished so far this school year that High Road School is proud of?

Since Brendon is a student that requires so little redirection, the High Road School of Wright City’s staff were afraid that recognition of his good behavior would fall through the cracks. In order to properly congratulate Brendon on all his hard work he has shown since becoming a student of High Road School of Wright City, he was nominated for the 2019-2020 school year’s first student of the month. Even in moments that can be stressful, Brendon is able to self-regulate himself to react properly in any situation that he may find himself in.

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