Caterpillar Celebration at Hartford Primary/Middle School

It’s a Caterpillar Celebration at Hartford Primary/Middle School! This spring at High Road School of Hartford Primary/Middle School, students got to participate in a two-week unit of learning about the lifecycle of caterpillars and butterflies. With the help of our related services team, students worked on: vocabulary, sequencing and describing attributes by observing their class caterpillars every-day and taking notes on their changes. Students especially loved naming their caterpillars; we had some very creative names ranging from Cali to Chicken! There was a lot of excitement when each caterpillar finally created their chrysalis and were [...]

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Comfy for a Cause

Between our 90 standalone day schools and 90-plus In-District Classroom partnerships across 17 states, SESI serves nearly 8,000 special education students every year—many of whom have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Mr. Blanton: Strong Support

Mr. Blanton has been with the High Road team for 10 years. He is a team player and willing to help in any capacity, including sharing his experience with staff. He has fulfilled many roles such as 1:1, teaching assistant, and other necessary roles. He goes beyond supporting the students in their academics, taking time to build rapport with students in all classrooms. Mr. Blanton is a quiet yet supportive presence for the entire school - staff and students alike. "Mr. Blanton takes the time to build rapport with the students and is a constant positive support when assisting [...]

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Ni’zhi is September’s Superstar

Ni'zhi started at High Road in February 2020. This year, as a 9 year old 3rd grader, he has been a model student. Ni’zhi has been completing his work, helping peers, and displaying good sportsmanship during recess time. He is a hardworking young man, who respects his peers and staff. Let's keep up the good work Ni'zhi! "Ni'zhi has shown a tremendous amount of growth since starting at High Road in February 2020." - Mrs. McGlone, Operations Manager "Ni'zhi is always pleasant, greeting staff when they walk in the classroom, and very polite." - Mrs. Canty, Speech and Language [...]

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Thank You Mr. Bancroft

Mr. Bancroft joined the Hartford Primary team after the school year was already in full swing but appears as a staff who has been here for a long time. Mr. Bancroft is assigned to one of the elementary classrooms and can often be found taking students on their breaks and working on engaging activities with his assigned student. Mr. Bancroft has a positive and calm energy when dealing with all of the students at Hartford Primary. He has been able to de-escalate many situations by utilizing his training and calming mannerisms. Mr. Bancroft has also been very open to learning [...]

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February Student of the Month – Yanniel

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Yanniel started at High Road School in November. Yanniel has made a great effort both academically and behaviorally. Despite having a brief set back, he bounced back with a positive attitude to get back on blue level. Yanniel has demonstrated excellent behavior in the classroom, setting an example for his peers. He attends all of his academic rotations, participates and is always willing to try whatever is presented to him. Yanniel is a hard working student and we can’t wait to see him continue [...]

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Sharing Valentine’s with the Senior Center

At our school, students work with our social workers individually and in small group sessions. Through recreational and other activities, our social workers assist students in building self-esteem, applying social skills and practicing leadership along with team participation. Our social workers, Mrs. Conley and Mrs. Boyajian, wanted our students to spread happiness on Valentine’s Day. Students worked individually and together to create unique valentines for residents at a senior center in East Hartford. On Valentine’s Day the students got to hand deliver the Valentine’s Day cards to the residents. Both the residents of the senior center and our students [...]

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Mr. Rivera Is A Quick Learning

Mr. Rivera recently joined our team and has seamlessly become a strong, supportive member of our school family. Mr. Rivera is always willing to help his colleagues and students in any way needed. Mr. Rivera has consistently supported all of his colleagues and is often times the first person to come to a call or support a classroom when needed. Mr. Rivera works really well with the students and is supportive and consistent with them to help them develop both academically and behaviorally. “Mr. Rivera is a quick learner and always responds well to feedback and suggestions! He has shown [...]

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Raymond’s Huge Improvements

Raymond is a fourth-grade student in Ms. Hogan’s classroom. Raymond started with us in October of 2019. Raymond has shown a huge improvement in his self-control in his short time with us. He is extremely polite and kindhearted. “Raymond is a great role model for our younger students and is always willing to help out and support in your younger classroom as a peer mentor.” — Anastasia McGlone, Operations Manager Raymond has built strong relationships with his peers and staff members very quickly. His polite manners and friendly personality have helped him to develop these relationships with ease! [...]

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Snow Is Fun!

Students were excited to some snow early in December this year! The staff were excited too! Since students have been working on the skill of cooperation with each other, their teacher thought this would be a great opportunity to complete a task as a group. This task tied together many other skills the students have been working on such as planning, designing, art and measuring. First the students discussed how to make a snowman and created a small list of supplies. They took their supplies outside and planned their construction. There were several debates that occurred such as: How many snowballs [...]

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