It’s a Caterpillar Celebration at Hartford Primary/Middle School!

This spring at High Road School of Hartford Primary/Middle School, students got to participate in a two-week unit of learning about the lifecycle of caterpillars and butterflies. With the help of our related services team, students worked on: vocabulary, sequencing and describing attributes by observing their class caterpillars every-day and taking notes on their changes. Students especially loved naming their caterpillars; we had some very creative names ranging from Cali to Chicken! There was a lot of excitement when each caterpillar finally created their chrysalis and were transferred into a larger enclosure. Finally, after another week of patiently waiting, the butterflies emerged and the students celebrated with a day-long of fun activities including a special butterfly snack and art project, culminating in the release in a pollinator garden outside. Some of our students even dressed up for the occasion in butterfly wings and masks.

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