Bryan Lends A Helping Hand

Bryan is always willing to lend a helping hand to staff. He has learned self-control in situations that do not always go in his favor. Bryant thinks of his classmates and bakes cakes for them on special occasions. "Bryan has been able to develop many coping strategies to help him be successful in the classroom. He has been able to use his coping strategies at the moment when he feels upset or frustrated with academic work or his peers. He has come a very long way since he began with us." -Lindsey Russo, Education Director Bryan states "I've started working [...]

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What Kody Is Proud Of Accomplishing

Kody has been working very hard and does not negatively interact with peers. Kody continues to work hard and stay focused. Kody has shown outstanding improvement in classwork and has been working very hard to get on gold. When Kody first arrived at High Road School, he struggled to understand the behavior model and systems. He was very shy and didn't ask many questions. Now Kody has shown so much growth in asking questions. He is also a role model for his fellow students. "I am very proud of all of the work I have done and that [...]

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Eduardo Has Made Great Progress

Eduardo has made great progress both academically and behaviorally. He continues to work hard so he can make his day and move up our color system. Eduardo has shown so much growth, he has made it to blue and has been very helpful to staff and his peers. He has been working well with frustrating situations and utilizing his coping skills. He is very motivated to succeed. “I am very proud of myself for making it on color and getting all the way to Blue day 1. I also feel good about doing all my work and now and [...]

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Student of the Month: Josh

What has Josh accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Josh is very respectful and continues to grow as a scholar and young man. He shows consistency in everything he has been doing. Josh has worked very hard to maintain his blue level status and is always positive. Josh has grown during his time at High Road. He has been able to be a role model for other students. He has helped with the school building by helping with different projects and building different furniture. We are all extremely proud of Josh and [...]

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