With a unanimous vote, Jay’ron has been nominated as most Accountable student of the month of October. He has maintained “Gold” status this school year, which occurs when you maintain over 90% of your daily behavior points. Students with this privilege can go into the hallway independently and help staff with tasks.

Staff reported that Jay’ron is very respectful and is demonstrating that he can be responsible. He has been more accountable with attendance and holds himself accountable to complete all academic rotations. Jay’ron is a great role model to his peers as staff also reported that he is the first to admit if he is wrong and takes responsibility for his actions.

Jay’ron has been at High Road School since 2019 and has always had a goal of returning back to his district’s public school. This school year Jay’ron has shown anything can happen if you stay consistent and chase your goals. This month he will be touring the public school to ensure he is ready for the next step. We are so excited for Jay’ron’s next adventure as he prepares to return to his district school by the end of this school year.

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