Loving Manipulatives And Flexible Seating

Learn more about our school today. As the school year is winding down, we have loved using manipulatives and our flexible seating at Sandy Hill Elementary. The bugs are a must have for math time manipulatives and the new flexible seating chair is a big hit. Students love how versatile it is. You can sit on it or lay on the floor with it at D.E.A.R which is pretty cool.

Loving Manipulatives And Flexible Seating2021-06-03T14:19:03-04:00

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Learn more about our school today. The High Road School at Choptank Elementary team have decided to greet the warm weather by making daffodils! They used food coloring and 2 different sized cupcake holders. As April showers bring May flowers, students at High Road School at Choptank Elementary have begun their unit on Earth's biomes and the types of vegetation and animals that live in each. The importance is that students will learn how to further protect their environment!

April Showers Bring May Flowers2021-04-20T17:42:12-04:00

Drop Everything And Read

Learn more about our school today. April 9, 2021 was Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) in honor of famed author Beverly Clearly. High Road School at Choptank Elementary students will read a book for 30 minutes and just enjoy following along with the characters of their book. Students were encouraged to dress up as their favorite book characters as an added layer to the fun. Zhialee couldn't think of one so Ms. Suzy dressed up as Ms. Frizle for him. They read The Magic School bus together!

Drop Everything And Read2021-04-20T17:30:54-04:00

Morgan Challenges Herself and Always Volunteers To Help

Learn more about our school today. Miss Morgan is always up for a challenge, she volunteers to help whenever she can, and never lets a tough day get her down. She strives to lift up her fellow High Road School at North Dorchester Middle School staff members with encouragement and support. Morgan has brought her expertise in OT practices to our North Dorchester Middle School classroom and always has fun ideas for movement and tools to help our students thrive.

Morgan Challenges Herself and Always Volunteers To Help2021-05-20T12:49:41-04:00

Taylor Is Our Biggest Cheerleader

Learn more about our school today. Taylor is an advocate for students and staff at all 5 of her programs. Taylor is the High Road School at Choptank Elementary's team’s biggest cheerleader and is always looking for ways to help support staff and students. Taylor’s passion and enthusiasm are outstanding and she is always striving to make sure the program model is followed with fidelity. Her out-of-the-box thinking and creativity is noted by her students, team members, and district partners. She wears many different hats and balances each role wonderfully making it look seamless. Taylor [...]

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CASE Social Committee

Learn more about our school today. Please join us in our weekly social committee . Flyers and packets have been sent home with your child. We will begin our 5 week program April 19th!!!! Please sign up and let your child's teacher know which committee they are interested in.

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Read Across America Day

Learn more about our school today. March has been a busy month for out TSP programs. We celebrated Read Across America Day and took to the outdoors to enjoy some Dr. Seuss stories. Staff at High Road School at Choptank Elmentary were showing their school pride and school spirit with their Read Across America Day swag! Students and staff at High Road School at Choptank Elementary have been infusing yoga breaks into their rotational model and it has left everyone feeling more energized to tackle academics. We are learning to adapt and [...]

Read Across America Day2021-04-28T21:57:48-04:00

March Madness

Learn more about our school today. Students and Staff are mad about March - there are lots of activities that students enjoyed and worked on collaboratively.

March Madness2021-05-12T14:20:04-04:00

Worry Buddies with Ms. Taylor

Learn more about our school today. March is off to a great start at Sandy Hill Elementary! We have learned how to manage our emotions using our coping strategies and “worry buddies," which students had so much fun making (thank you Ms. Taylor). Students will continue to focus on developing their social and emotional regulation skills as the year progresses.

Worry Buddies with Ms. Taylor2021-04-29T00:45:27-04:00

Bryan the Mathematician

In the month of February, we have been discussing our student's future career choice. Bryan said that he wants to be a scientist! His favorite subjects are math and science of course. In this photo Bryan and Mr. Tre are working on Algebra, which is in fact a middle school math skill! At first, he didn't think he would like it, but now this has become a part of his routine. We can't wait to see what else he may be interested into learning about! Learn more about our school today. [...]

Bryan the Mathematician2021-02-25T18:37:01-05:00