Getting Groovy with Science

We have a new student at Sandy Hill - a fifth grader! He has been a great influence on everyone in the class. He is very interested in science which has made everyone in the class want to learn more about science as well. We have decided to add weekly science experiments to learn more about our lessons and see what we are learning in action. This week we learned about density so we made DIY lava lamps with oil, water, food coloring, and Alka-Seltzer. All the students enjoyed following the scientific method and learning [...]

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Keep Up The Great Work!

Learn more about our school today. The highlight of our month was getting to see the High Road School at Choptank Elementary students in person by making some deliveries. We made up goody bags and certificates for the students to congratulate them on the great work they’ve done this year and remind them that they are halfway through the school year. We are so proud of what our students have been accomplishing online. It will be great to see some of them back in the building in February!

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Thank You Mr. Landon

Dear High Road Staff Team, I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me and how many hoops you are always jumping through hoops just to keep me going with my work and you are always encouraging me to do my best on all of my work and telling me to be the best me I can be. Not only are you a excellent help to me but you always act as a role model to me and everyone else in the High Road program so I can never say just how thankful I am to you [...]

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Giving Thanks At The Hive

Sandy Hill has a lot to be thankful for this month. We are getting into the swing of things with virtual learning and we are so pleased with the way our students are doing. They are doing so great logging on to Google Meet. We have faced our fair share of technology problems this month, but we always get through it and the students are communicating when they have problems logging on. Adults find technology difficult at times, but our students seem to be quite tech savvy. They are learning a lot about computers through virtual learning and they [...]

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Virtual and In-Person Learning

Here at Choptank, we jumped right into the challenge of teaching virtually and utilized every strategy we could think of. Students enjoyed virtual Fun Friday’s by playing virtual hide and seek, guess the Disney Character, guess the movie title based on emojis, and just catching up with one another! Students adapted well to virtual learning. Students enjoyed the virtual manipulatives for math and teachers reading the anthology to them. So far, we have incorporated physical activity into lessons such as counting fingers, using hands to model science lessons, and brain breaks with Go Noodle. This helps the students refocus and [...]

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We Are Lucky To Have Ms. Shannon

Shannon has been with us for four years here on the Eastern Shore High Road team, and she has gained an incredible amount of knowledge through her experiences. Shannon has stepped up to take the Lead role in the classroom at NDMS this school year, and she has done so with incredible skill and exceptional style. We had many students moving up to Middle School from 5th grade, and Miss Shannon helped the students seamlessly transition not only from Elementary School to Middle School, but to virtual Lessons, asynchronous tasks, and in-person half day sessions. The students are flourishing in [...]

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Kennard’s Positive Impact

Kennard has had such a positive impact on the staff and students here on the Eastern Shore. From working with Directors, Teachers, Social Workers, students and even parents – Kennard has helped us all with his insight and training. Kennard has also been jumping in with student zooms and being a supportive ear to parents. Kennard’s presence in the classroom to help problem solve and his energy on the field for the TACT2 training - it has been amazing working alongside Kennard. Kennard immediately felt like part of the team and shares the same passion that the other Eastern Shore [...]

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Happy 100 days on Blue to Ethan

Happy 100 days on Blue to Ethan! Ethan is our classroom historian and root beer connoisseur. He has worked hard this school year to use his coping skills appropriately and communicate with staff his academic or behavioral needs. Congratulations Ethan, we are so proud of you, keep up the great work! Ethan enjoys reading in his free time and on Thursday’s joins lunchtime book club! Ethan also loves to play video games and listen to music. Ethan enjoys going to book club weekly and attending History class. Ethan has done a great job this year of building friendships and making [...]

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