September Fryday Winners!

Congratulations to our September Fryday winners! These students exemplified our CASE values all of September. They averaged 85% or above of their daily points for the entire month! Way to go! Learn more about our school today.

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Recent Graduate Helping Prevent Gun Violence

Below is a news story about our recent graduate, Wayne, working with his church to help prevent gun violence in the city!"In the shadow of darkness illuminated by flashlights, 37-year-old Pastor G. Lamar Stewart organizes faith leaders and volunteers to walk through Philadelphia neighborhoods plagued by gun violence. The number of gun violence victims in that city increased more than 50% from 2019 to 2020. In 2021, Philadelphia had more than 2,300 shooting victims. This year, that number is already above 1,000..." Read News Story Learn more about our school today.

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3rd Annual International Day

The students participated in the 3rd annual international day on June 3rd. Students picked, researched, and "re-created" their country in the classroom. This included art, food, music, and much more! Great job to all students and staff! Learn more about our school today.

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Safe Distance Visits to Our Students

Since starting our continuity of learning plan our team has gone above and beyond to both support an engage their students. These incredible staff members put together gift bags and traveled to visit each of their students. Our students and families were extremely appreciative of these thoughtful actions. During these challenging times it has been amazing to see this level of dedication from our staff. Thank you to Chelsea and Devin for inspiring your students, and fellow staff members! Learn more about our school today.

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Jamel’s Success

Jamel was a student who lacked motivation and purpose. He would often sleep in class making it difficult to make academic progress. With a change in attitude over the past year and a half Jamel has made strides in math and reading. He has become known for his informative articles reviewing video games and movies under the pen name Melly. He has taken a leadership role in math class; helping budget for field trips and completing 10 x 10 multiplication charts in under 5 minutes! Previously, Jamel resorted to verbal and physical aggression when agitated. He has since developed reliable [...]

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