Safe Distance Visits to Our Students

Since starting our continuity of learning plan our team has gone above and beyond to both support an engage their students. These incredible staff members put together gift bags and traveled to visit each of their students. Our students and families were extremely appreciative of these thoughtful actions. During these challenging times it has been amazing to see this level of dedication from our staff. Thank you to Chelsea and Devin for inspiring your students, and fellow staff members! Learn more about our school today.

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Jamel’s Success

Jamel was a student who lacked motivation and purpose. He would often sleep in class making it difficult to make academic progress. With a change in attitude over the past year and a half Jamel has made strides in math and reading. He has become known for his informative articles reviewing video games and movies under the pen name Melly. He has taken a leadership role in math class; helping budget for field trips and completing 10 x 10 multiplication charts in under 5 minutes! Previously, Jamel resorted to verbal and physical aggression when agitated. He has since developed reliable [...]

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Staff of the Month: Joanna

Joanna Doberstein has been awarded the staff of the month for September. Joanna is the teacher in the B.E.S.T. classroom. Entering just her second year as the teacher in that classroom, Joanna has done an amazing job creating a positive classroom culture. Working with our ASD population, including some non-verbal and aggressive students, most would agree that Joanna has one of the toughest jobs in the building. A visitor would never be aware of the challenges she faces on a daily basis based on her upbeat demeanor and positive attitude. Joanna has worked diligently with a number of [...]

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Student of the Month: Sumarie

The student of the month for September was awarded to Sumarie Velez. Sue is a senior this year and just started her third year at the High Road Program at Ferguson. The overwhelming consensus among the staff who voted was that Sue has dramatically increased her level of participation to start the year. Sue has had an extremely positive attitude on most days which is helping to keep her motivated and on task throughout the day. Sue quickly reached blue level status at the beginning of the school year and has been able to maintain it through the [...]

Student of the Month: Sumarie2022-01-18T00:31:45-05:00