Jamel was a student who lacked motivation and purpose. He would often sleep in class making it difficult to make academic progress. With a change in attitude over the past year and a half Jamel has made strides in math and reading. He has become known for his informative articles reviewing video games and movies under the pen name Melly. He has taken a leadership role in math class; helping budget for field trips and completing 10 x 10 multiplication charts in under 5 minutes!

Previously, Jamel resorted to verbal and physical aggression when agitated. He has since developed reliable behavior management strategies such as asking for walks and utilizing the quiet room. His behaviors have improved drastically. Jamel has earned his way all the up to Blue Day 26. He is a young man with purpose and direction.

Jamel has become a leader in our school, serving as a positive role model and friend for many of his peers.

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