Jayden’s Path to Graduation

Jayden is a senior set to graduate with the Class of 2020. He came to High Road Academy in 2017 as a 10th-grader. The following year, Jayden participated in our Workforce Development Program (WDP), a partnership of the High Road schools with Prince George’s Community College. He completed the Customer Service and Microsoft Office 1 courses. Jayden said that the best part of the class was receiving his completion certificates, which he can add to his resume. In the summer of 2019, Jay got a Humanim internship through DORS at the Howard Community College for 7 weeks. As an intern [...]

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Thomas’ Positive Presence

Thomas enrolled at HRA in September 2019, and he is currently in the 6th grade. Thomas expressed that he likes his teachers and that Art is his favorite class. He shared that he is excited to learn more challenging math concepts “so he can get better at it." Staff members describe Thomas as a “positive presence in class who always puts in extra effort when doing work.” Ms. Davis, Thomas’ teacher, stated, “Thomas is a ‘dream student’ and a good role model for others.” She added that he “always demonstrates excellent behavior and is cooperative and respectful” to [...]

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Avery’s Goals In Life

Avery enrolled at HRA in March 2017, and she is currently in the 8th grade. Avery expressed that she likes the teachers at High Road, and especially enjoys reading instruction with Ms. Downie. “She is the best teacher because she is kind, jokes around, and understands my sarcasm,” Avery said of Ms. Downie. Staff members applaud Avery for her “hard work, cooperation, respect and her helpfulness with other students.” She has been described as someone who “cares deeply about her peers and checks in with them." Outside of school, Avery enjoys reading and working with animals on the farm. Her [...]

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Extremely Proud of Ms. Fuentes

Ms. Fuentes has worked as our Administrative Assistant since March 2018. She is a reliable and dedicated staff member with a tremendous amount of compassion for others. Ms. Fuentes’ tireless efforts ensure the school program operates smoothly and efficiently. She was chosen for Staff of the Month because she is a person that all of the staff and students can depend on. She has no problem helping others and always does so with a smile. Ms. Fuentes shared that in her previous employments she worked with adult clients, and she really enjoys being in a school environment and [...]

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Aubrey Finds Her Way

What has Aubrey accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Aubrey enrolled at HRA in September 2017, and she is currently in the 8th grade. Aubrey expressed that she enjoys working with her teachers to get better, and she “wants to do a good job with (her) homework.” Her favorite subjects in school are math, reading and science. Aubrey shared that at her former school, she used to get lost in the hallways. “But now I can find my way,” Aubrey stated. Outside of school, Aubrey likes to play with her toys, read [...]

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Student of the Month. Jalynn

What has Jalynn accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? While Jalynn is new to HRA, enrolling on September 3rd, he has quickly demonstrated the qualities and characteristics worthy of the Student of the Month honor. Staff members frequently commend Jalynn’s work ethic and have stated that he is a pleasure to have in class. Jalynn is extremely respectful to peers and adults and is well liked by his classmates. Ms. Horter, Jalynn’s 10th-grade English teacher, shared that he is “always willing to help others, has a positive attitude, and a great sense [...]

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