Hallway inspiration

Capital Academy's Ms. Keller designed inspirational wall art for High School students to see every time they enter the wing. Learn more about our school today.

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Jalen’s Engaging and Excelling

Jalen has done a fantastic job transitioning to online learning. He logs in for every Zoom class and completes all of his assigned work on time. He is doing very well in engaging and actively participating in the enrichment. Jalen has worked very hard to meet all of his goals. While in the building, Jalen was an active member of group discussions and often helped out his peers. Now that we're learning online, he does a great job of participating during zoom sessions, he has very high grades and is doing great! "Jalen is an enthusiastic learning and positive [...]

Jalen’s Engaging and Excelling2022-01-18T00:27:43-05:00

Ms. E Keeps Students Engaged

Ms. E has put much effort into ensuring that student's are staying actively engaged in school. Just recently, Ms. E organized and delivered an embryology unit for students in which she set up cameras and allowed students to witness the hatching of baby chicks. The student's loved it. Ms. E has gone above and beyond the duties of a Team Leader during the mandated school closures. She has willingly dropped off work to student's homes, set up pick-ups and drop-offs for packet work, and helped t0 organize distribution of student laptops. Ms. E truly has the student's [...]

Ms. E Keeps Students Engaged2022-01-18T00:27:43-05:00

Annual Embryology Unit

Our annual embryology unit posed a few obstacles this year but we did it! Ms. Eisenhour created a Facebook page, Backyard Book, that took students on a step by step, virtual, tour of the egg hatching process. Staff held lessons over FaceTime, Edmodo and Seesaw about embryology. Students then were able to see the chicks hatching live on Zoom! Learn more about our school today.

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Blood Drive

As part of a senior project for one of our students, Capital Academy staff and students conducted a blood drive and were able to help a minimum of 42 people with our donations! Learn more about our school today.

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Mr. Shroyer Is Our Team Leader

Mr. Shroyer has done an excellent job in his new role as Team Leader and we are proud to name him Staff of the Month! He is constantly working diligently to educate himself in his areas of improvement while continuing to thrive in behavioral intervention with our students. Staff and students rely heavily on him throughout the day. Mr. Shroyer is always there to support anyone in our building even if it's not on his wing. Staff always feel supported by him and say he is doing a great job as a Team Leader. He has been working very [...]

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