Thanksgiving Feast!

Every year, Capital Academy hosts a Thanksgiving feast in which staff cook homemade meals for students and everyone dines together, family style! This year we're hosting it on November 17! Learn more about our school today.

Thanksgiving Feast!2022-10-24T17:36:07-04:00

Capital Academy’s Annual MayDay

Capital Academy held it's annual MayDay on 5/13/22. MayDay is a carnival day for students to unwind after standardized testing and for staff to reward them for their hard work throughout the year. Students were able to partake in various games such as tug-o-war, minute-to-win-it, ring tosses, duck pluck, face painting, and enjoy delicious snacks. Students were even able to "get back" at their administration and teachers through the Dunk Tank and Pie Face. Learn [...]

Capital Academy’s Annual MayDay2022-05-27T10:28:37-04:00

Ice Cream Party

Students who were in good behavioral status were able to buy participation in the ice cream party with their case cash. Learn more about our school today.

Ice Cream Party2022-04-11T15:47:56-04:00

Ending Spirit Week With Spirit Day

Capital Academy finished up Spirit Week with Spirit Day! Students and staff played various games such as kickball, basketball, relay races, tug-o-war, and football as well as participated in various arts and craft activities and dance competitions like limbo! Learn more about our school today.

Ending Spirit Week With Spirit Day2021-05-20T15:11:33-04:00

Looking At Eyes

After a unit on the various parts of the eyeball, students were able to take a first hand look and dissect a cow eyeball! Learn more about our school today.

Looking At Eyes2021-05-20T15:01:01-04:00