What impact has Kiana had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Kianna, “Ms. Ki”, Proctor joined Capital Academy during the 2018-19 school year in the role of Elementary Teaching Assistant. Ms. Ki brought with her a depth of knowledge and experience working with children that helped her quickly build positive relationships with her students. Her outgoing, friendly and welcoming personality engages everyone she comes in contact with. Within the classroom Ms. Ki has a strong understanding of the academic and behavioral expectations and holds high standards for all her students, who respond by striving to meet those expectations! This school year Ms. Ki has risen to all challenges that have presented and has worked hard to make Capital Academy a better school. She is a true team player who puts the needs of those around her first. Capital Academy is a brighter place because of Ms. Ki!

Kiana positively impacts everyone she meets! This month she exceeded expectations and took on additional responsibilities to improve outcomes for our school and students!

Kiana’s colleagues recognize her as a positive influence on the overall school culture.
Quotes from staff:

“She has been killing it with the little guys so far this year.”

“She brings a smile to staff with any interaction and life spirits even when hers are low.”

“She is always willing to help and step in when there is a need and support when it is needed.”

“She was able to switch classrooms and jump right in with changes. She is very organized and
extremely helpful.”

“She has an amazing connection with the kids and does a great job leading/ supporting the classroom.”

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