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Finding the right educational setting for a child with special needs can be an exhaustive search. Ashley Negron, the mother of Arien, knows this all too well. From the time Arien was just 3 years old, Ashley found herself struggling to get him the support he needed at school. Frustrated and wanting only the best for her son, Ashley decided to enroll him in the High Road School of Hartford, a decision that came with mixed emotions.

“I didn’t know how I felt about it. Everything was new,” she said. “Staff introduced us to new techniques and it was a rollercoaster of emotions at first.” But over time the family adjusted and positive changes began to surface.

Academic gains

Arien, who began attending High Road for the start of first grade, was significantly behind academically and suffered from severe anxiety. With the unwavering support of the school’s dedicated team members, he began making remarkable progress.

“Now he can read. It is shocking,” Ashley said. “The sight of Arien reading on his own is a testament to the school’s impact on his academics and behavior issues. “We are succeeding. He thinks more before he acts. He looks forward to doing better.”

The support from High Road staff didn’t stop at the classroom. The team provided valuable resources and techniques that Ashley and her husband could implement at home. “They taught me to really talk everything through with Arien. The things they teach at school, we mirror at home.”

Ready for success beyond the High Road School

The family’s three-year journey with High Road has been transformative. From the initial challenges to the consistent support and guidance, the school has become a crucial part of their lives. “It’s been really good having this level of support.”

Because of his remarkable progress and new skills, Arien will return to a traditional school setting this fall. As Arien prepares for academic transition, Ashley feels a mix of excitement and nerves. She knows the change will come with new challenges but feels confident knowing the strong foundation High Road helped provide. “I’ve learned to love this school. I’m sad he is leaving, but I’m excited for what’s next.”

Ashley and Arien’s story is a reminder of the deep impact a supportive and specialized educational environment can have on a child’s life. High Road School of Hartford has not only helped Arien thrive but also empowered his family with the tools and support needed to continue their journey with confidence.

The High Road School serves students in all disability categories, with a particular focus on students with emotional impairments. The school’s expert staff use positive behavioral supports and interventions along with a team approach to help students learn emotional regulation skills, improve their academics, and return to their regular education environment.