Home > Excel Academy leaders and students participate in United Black Male Educators of Chicago Public Schools inaugural conference

Several members of the Excel Academy community recently participated in an important event hosted by the United Black Male Educators (UMBE) of Chicago Public Schools.

Students along with Dr. Anthony Haley Jr., regional director, Chicago, and Tyree Booker, school director, Excel Academy Roseland, who are members of the UBME, attended the organization’s inaugural student empowerment conference.

The landmark event, held at Olive Harvey Community College, aimed to educate, empower, and elevate Black male students in grades 7-12 from across the District and the city. The conference is one initiative by CPS that helps address the shortage of Black males entering college.

During the conference, three Excel Academy students, Akyreian Anders of Excel South Shore and Julian Collins and Kymani Ball of Excel Roseland, took the stage to address peers and leaders, including CPS CEO Pedro Martinez.

This event was a kickoff to the hopes of a safe summer across the city of Chicago!