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At the High Road School of Wright City, faculty and staff work tirelessly to help every student find their path to success. Current eighth grader Ely is a shining example of how the right support can make a difference for a child.

“First, I want to start off by saying how amazed I am with the progress that Ely has made in a short year,” said his mother, Malinda Timm. “For many years, school was very challenging for him, in many different ways. Since his move to High Road School, he is a different kid. I mean he has done a 180 in life.”

According to his mom, Ely went from being a child who disliked going to school to thriving academically. Today he is able to read aloud to his classmates and even wrote a short story that will be published in the Young Writers book, “Hunted”, later this spring. Ely’s story was partially inspired by his deep fascination with WWII.

“He wrote an amazing short story which is a huge deal, but he doesn’t think so”, said Timm. “The way he worded the story and then a surprise twist in the end. To say that I’m very proud and impressed would be an understatement.”

Congratulations to Ely — we can’t wait to see where his newfound love of reading and writing will take him next!

Dog Fight

I am a German soldier in the air force on the Western Front. It was a dog fight in the sky. Two P51 Mustangs versus two BF-109F1s. Bullets are flying by me. I am being hunted by Allied Forces. I hard bank left, and hard rutter right. The P51 overshoots! I lock him in my sights. I open fire. He becomes the hunted.