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Chloe W, an extraordinary student from Washington Heights and Beverly, recently graduated from Excel Academy of Roseland. Now, at only 16-years-old, she is enrolled at Columbia College Chicago (CCC). This achievement is not only a testament to her academic prowess but reflects her family’s deep-rooted belief in the power of education.

For Chloe, attending CCC is more than just a personal accomplishment; it’s a family value. Chloe, a source of immense pride for her family, is following in the footsteps of her mother, who also enrolled in college at a young age.

“My mom started college at 17, the only one among our family and friends to start college younger than 18,” Chloe said. “I’ve now exceeded her family record by entering college at 16-years-old thanks to Excel and she is beaming with pride. This is a joyous first indication to my family of their parenting success which has been built on years of guidance, leading by example, and sacrifice.”

Chloe’s academic journey at CCC involves pursuing her passion for cinematic animation and computer programming. Her enthusiasm for animation and coding stems from a desire to contribute to independent projects in music, films, and video games. Additionally, Chloe plans to study American Sign Language (ASL) to gain insights into deaf communities and work towards becoming an interpreter. Attending CCC was driven by the school’s dedicated focus on the arts and Chloe’s desire to stay close to home during her early college years.

Before graduating high school, Chloe received Excel’s Hendricks Award, an honor that holds special significance for her. The recognition not only acknowledged her academic excellence in mathematics but also provided valuable financial support to aid in her post-secondary plans. As Ms. Hendricks is her favorite teacher, she sees this award named after her, as a connection to a legacy of mathematical excellence.

Reflecting on her time at Excel Academy, Chloe emphasizes the role of teachers, particularly Ms. Barry, in her success.

“Excel teachers really care about their students and feel more like family members that genuinely wants to see you succeed,” she shared. “Ms. Barry shares my love of art and supported my college application journey to several art schools by submitting letters or recommendation for me, as well as helping me organize my art portfolio and draft my artist statement that was required for admission.”

Ashanti Brooks, school clerk at Excel Academy of Roseland, shares, “Chloe is the epitome of what Excel can do for a student.”

We wish her the best of luck in her studies and endeavors at CCC, confident that she will continue to exceed expectations and inspire others along the way.