Johnathan Price has become more independent and confident since enrolling at the High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County this school year.

The 17-year-old’s mother, Jewel Price, says she is grateful and thankful to faculty and staff for the changes she has seen in her son, whose favorite subjects include computers and music.

“He has a whole new level of confidence,” she said. “He’s come a long way.”

As a single mother raising a child with some challenges, Price said she doesn’t know where she would be without High Road, especially his teacher Miss Smith. She credits staff with taking a lot of time to build a curriculum and going out of their way to make students happy.

“Johnathan is a happy, outgoing person. It’s been great to see him grow socially because he has shown us that he loves people and wants to be around them,” said Yanique Smith, BEST model classroom teacher. “Johnathan is eager to learn and is friendly with his classmates.”

Price offers advice to other families of children who need extra support. “Don’t give up, just continue to fight for your child, whatever you feel they deserve and be their favorite and best advocate. Nobody knows your child better than you or what they need better than you.”

Since he joined High Road, Johnathan is happy to go to school and has started making friends outside of the classroom, something he previously didn’t do.

“He has a new lightness in his eyes,” said Price. “I can see it now that he can do bigger and better things, he can achieve his dreams, he can be somebody. He’s a different person, I am so happy I found this school.”