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High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County

High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County provides an intensive, structured, individualized special education program aimed at strengthening student’s individual academic and organizational skills, social and emotional abilities, sense of responsibility, self-advocacy and job skills. Our goal is help our students become successful adults, meaning they can gain AND maintain employment, and have healthy interpersonal relationships with others. Additionally, we also strive to get our students to the point where can successfully re-enter a less restrictive environment and the community.

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High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County has been serving the instructional and behavioral needs of at-risk students in Prince George’s County since 2001. Our unique academic model and customized curriculums are distinctly designed to meet the individualized needs of our various student populations. Working as a vendor on behalf of local public schools/school districts by providing specialized education services to students with special needs, we concentrate our efforts on guiding our students through personalized academic, behavioral, and transitional goals to ensure their continued development and growth.

Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County and are generally in grades 9–12 (aged 14 to 21). They face disabilities in a variety of areas, including emotional disability (ED), intellectual disability (ID), autism (AUT), multiple disabilities (MD), specific learning disability (SLD), other health impairment (OHI) and more.

Our Staff

We are proud to employee certified special education teachers, staff trained in crisis intervention, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Counseling, and Job Coaching.

By focusing on key areas — academics, behavior modifications, support services, and transition / life planning services — we are able to meet the individual needs of all students through these varied approaches to instruction. Through collaboration with a student’s IEP team, we are able to choose the most appropriate learning model based on a given student’s present levels of performance, social capabilities, motor coordination, and ability to learn in a group setting.

Utilizing four specific instructional rotations, students are assessed academically, gain self-regulation skills, learn with district-aligned academic curriculums, and utilize integrated technology.

Because we specialize in high-school-aged students (in both a graded and a nongraded program), we place great emphasis on equipping them with the skills and know‐how they’ll need to function properly and productively in society following graduation via our comprehensive Life Skills Program. This program consists of five components—(1) Academic Curriculum; (2) Vocational Training; (3) Behavioral & Social Skills; (4) Community Immersion; and (5) Independent Living Instruction.
We currently have partnerships with Maryland National Capital Park and Planning, area food banks and women’s shelters, where students can earn student service learning hours towards their graduation requirements. Students also attend educational field trips and College tours.

High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County prepare students for life after graduation, either in a trade school, college or in the workforce. Transition Coordinators teach students how to apply skills acquired in the classroom to real-world settings. Students earn course credit towards their high school diploma through our Workforce Development Programs. Certifications are earned in ServSafe, Childcare, Microsoft Office and Customer Service. We currently partner with PG Community College, Little Caesar’s pizzeria, Unforgettable Flavors and an independent mechanic shop.

Student Spotlight


Kail-La Smith
High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County
2023-2024 Campus Winner

Deloris Thompson
High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County
2023-2024 Campus Winner