Maddy’s Communication Makes Everyone Smile

High Road School of Wright City is excited to recognize BEST’s Maddy as our April Student of the Month. Maddy’s teachers report, “Maddy has shown great improvements in her ability to use her communicator independently. She is navigating pages to communicate her wants, needs, and is greeting peers and staff with very few prompts. She has made so much progress on her goals. Maddy always has a smile on her face and loves giving out hi-fives. She has been adapting very well to working with new staff and the development of new routines.” We are SO PROUD of you [...]

Maddy’s Communication Makes Everyone Smile2021-05-18T12:51:26-04:00

National Storytelling Day

This week, the students and staff celebrated National Storytelling Day by working together to submit stories based on a writing prompt about an old man and his dog. Zach was our winner! Check out the stories in this week's episode of Llama Time: Learn more about our school today.

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Learning Place Values and Decimals

Students in Ms. L's class learned about place value and decimals. They guessed the price of their favorite products. They would display their price prediction, and Ms. L would ask a few questions regarding what numbers were in what place value. Students enjoyed the hands on activity!

Learning Place Values and Decimals2021-04-28T19:41:27-04:00

Ms. Schneider: You Are Appreciated

We at Sierra School of Peoria are honored to celebrate Administrative Professions Day with Cheryl Schneider. She has been with our school family for 14 years and has served in variety of roles during her tenure. Her experience, dedication, and warm personality creates a welcoming environment for our students, families, staff, and district partners. Her organization, knowledge, and leadership skills are vital in keeping our program running smoothly! Thank you for all you do, Ms. Schneider, you are appreciated! Learn more about our school today.

Ms. Schneider: You Are Appreciated2021-04-28T18:23:46-04:00

Wilkes-Barre Mayor Honors Graham Academy Students for World Autism Month

Wilkes-Barre Mayor George Brown and his staff were enthusiastic about increasing public awareness of people with autism - and providing students at The Graham Academy with a special day to remember. Two students were named honorary firefighters Friday, April 23, as part of Autism Awareness Day in the city. Another student, remained at City Hall where he was honorary mayor. The mayor presented the students with proclamations and sashes imprinted with their job titles for the day. The City of Wilkes-Barre partnered with The Graham Academy, King’s College and Wilkes University for its inaugural Light It Up Blue campaign. City [...]

Wilkes-Barre Mayor Honors Graham Academy Students for World Autism Month2021-04-27T13:45:38-04:00

4th Annual Egg Drop STEM Challenge at Sierra School of Peoria

Sierra School of Peoria celebrated the 4th Annual Egg Drop STEM Activity on Friday April 23, 2021! All classrooms K-12 participated in utilizing recycled materials to create an apparatus to keep the egg intact without any breakage. The students were extremely creative and displayed outstanding engineering skills. We had 26 entries, 21 of those entries were successful in keeping their egg whole! Those students who remained in Virtual Learning also participated; staff picked up their projects and they were able to view the event [...]

4th Annual Egg Drop STEM Challenge at Sierra School of Peoria2021-05-12T16:35:17-04:00

Book Club Is Back!

Students in the school building will have an opportunity to join Miss Mel in the return of the book club. The book club will be starting the Harry Potter series on Tuesday April 13. Learn more about our school today.

Book Club Is Back!2021-04-22T14:11:02-04:00

All About Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. It is a day to celebrate the environment. In 1970, a man named Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator, noticed that people were not taking good care of the Earth, so he decided something needed to be done! On April 22, 1970, Gaylord and 20 million people protested against the poor treatment of the Earth. Many people listened to these protests and decided to care for the environment. Every year, we celebrate Earth Day to remember that we need to protect the Earth. [...]

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Bobby’s Great Attitude

Congratulations to the Student of the Month for March! Bobby, 11th Grade Bobby always participates in both in-person and virtual learning. He always has a great attitude when he is in school! Learn more about our school today.

Bobby’s Great Attitude2021-04-21T23:43:04-04:00