Two Incredible Staff Members!

Mr. Ian is a new addition to the High Road team this year. However, it is nearly impossible to tell with his professional attitude, rapport with the students, and flexibility. Mr. Ian has risen to the challenge through several staff changes in the classroom and switching between virtual and in-person learning throughout the school year. Mr. Ian’s passion for teaching shines through his positive attitude and willingness to be a team player everyday. Well done, Mr. Ian! Mr. Dusan never ceases to rise to the occasion. At the start of the school year, Mr. Dusan started working with elementary age [...]

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Wyatt’s Successful Transitioning

Wyatt has been successfully transitioning back to his home school, Cactus High School. He is enrolled in two classes and doing a great job of meeting the expectations for both campuses. Wyatt, we are very proud of your accomplishments! Learn more about our school today.

Wyatt’s Successful Transitioning2021-01-29T20:14:33-05:00

Cole’s Growth and Maturity

Cole has been at Sierra Academy for two years. He has shown tremendous growth and maturity during his time with us. Cole has learned a variety of coping strategies that he applies to navigate the challenges of being a teenager and student during the global pandemic. Cole volunteers on campus, assisting his peers and he continues to be actively engaged in all academics, regardless of the obstacles. Great job, Cole - we are so proud of you! Learn more about our school today.

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Keep Up The Great Work!

Learn more about our school today. The highlight of our month was getting to see the High Road School at Choptank Elementary students in person by making some deliveries. We made up goody bags and certificates for the students to congratulate them on the great work they’ve done this year and remind them that they are halfway through the school year. We are so proud of what our students have been accomplishing online. It will be great to see some of them back in the building in February!

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TJ Models Active Participation for Others

TJ’s Spanish teacher reported that he has not missed a single Spanish class so far this year. Additionally, TJ is an active participant who completes assignments in a timely and accurate manner. TJ is Ms. Victoria’s only student to have maintained a 100% all year in Spanish! In addition, TJ is an active participant in every school event: Best CASE Friday, Raffles, Career Fairs, Holiday Events, etc. TJ is truly a model student academically and behaviorally. Ms. Victoria stated, “TJ impresses me every time I see him.” Visit our website to learn more [...]

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Iyonna is a Diligent Model Student

Iyonna ensures that she attends every Zoom class and takes great pride in completing and submitting her work in a timely fashion. Even if Iyonna needs to miss a class, she will ensure that the assignment(s) she missed are turned in that evening. Iyonna is always an active participant in class and is always bringing positivity to the peers and staff within the classroom. Iyonna is a model High Road student. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Huge Strides for Thomas

Thomas has been attending his Zoom classes all day every day and has improved his grades from F’s to C’s in a matter of weeks with all of the extraordinary efforts he is dedicating to school! Additionally, Thomas has been earning all of his CASE points every day, and overall has made huge strides to improve his grades and behavior! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Supporting Classroom Behavior Webinar Series

Social behaviors, like academics, require intentional teaching and feedback for students to build fluency and achieve mastery. It is important to have a comprehensive, proactive system to support students’ behavior in the classroom. Without clear expectations, people feel confused, anxious, or unsure how to proceed, all of which can lead to challenging behaviors. When educators – whether in special education, alternative education, or general education – are clear and consistent with behavioral expectations, it increases the chances that students will meet them. SESI hosted a webinar series on Supporting Classroom Behavior. In this three-part webinar series, Dr. Diane Myers, [...]

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New Year – New Goals

As we are wrapping up our memories of Christmas, students are delighted to be back whether in person or on zoom for this new year. Speaking of new things, every program started their very own data chats with their students towards the end of last year. So far, students here at High Road School at Denton Elementary have been responding well to reflecting on aspects such as their “goal level," a highlight of their week, and one thing they could improve on for the week ahead. We also have been effectively keeping track of [...]

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Andrew is a Strong Self-Advocate

High Road School of Wright City is proud to recognize Andrew as our December Student of the Month. Andrew is currently transitioning back to his home school district. Throughout his transition, Andrew has shown that he is able to maintain his composure and academics when faced with new challenges. Andrew is a strong self-advocate. Andrew not only appropriately communicates his concerns - he also works with staff to address what can be changed. If no change occurs, Andrew perseveres and remains optimistic. We are proud of you Andrew! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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