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Specialized Education Services, Inc.

  • 150 Rouse Blvd., Suite 210
    Philadelphia, PA 19112
  • 800-841-8730

Strategic Partnerships:

If you’re a school district interested in our services, contact our Strategic Engagements Team, at [email protected].

HR & Career Opportunities:

For career opportunities visit our Careers site and for Human Resources questions email [email protected]

Press & Media Inquiries:

For press and media inquiries, contact RoseComm at [email protected].

Compliance & Ethics Inquiries:

For compliance and ethics questions or concerns, contact the Compliance and Ethics Hotline* (independently managed by at (888) 420-7636;

*There will be no retribution for asking questions or raising concerns, or for reporting in good faith possible improper conduct through the Hotline.

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